Are selfies fun or narcissistic?

Filed on September 29, 2017
Are selfies fun or narcissistic?

Everything you need to know about selfie etiquette!

From young tweens to thirty-somethings and even a growing handful of feisty grandparents, everyone is doing them. You'd be hard-pressed to find a smartphone owner who hasn't indulged in a few sometime or the other. Once thought of as a passing fad, selfies have become a way of life and are here to stay. The corporates are now picking up on this, and our phones are getting enhanced with even sharper, clearer front-facing cameras.
What's not to love about a selfie? Selfies promote self-love and confidence. Selfies are also very convenient. Not all of us are blessed with a significant other who is great with the camera. Moreover, once you've got the hang of it, you develop your own style and favourite angle.
Despite all the hype, selfies get a lot of slack. That is because there is a fine line between self-love and narcissism. Then there are those who go to the extremes for that perfect selfie. 'Killfies' are a rising epidemic. Selfies can also take up a major chunk of your phone space. As a lifestyle blogger, I take over 20 before settling on one that is post-worthy. My phone is crying out for a selfie detox! Then there's the filters debate. We all know people who look so different online that you would never recognise them in person! This is something I'm careful about when reviewing makeup - I don't want that red lippie to look fuchsia to you!
Like a decadent dessert, when it comes to selfies, moderation is key. Keep it fun and interesting by adding variations to your themes. Try out different looks, or post more 'groufies' with friends, family, interesting people and pets. Showcase interesting locations. Keep it real and interesting. Enjoy that front-facing camera, and get clicking! Just don't bore your friends with mundane repeats and filter overloads. Stay safe and selfie responsibly!
- Tehzeeb Huda
(known as Tezzy online) is the lifestyle blogger behind You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter on @thetezzyfiles

When you are a beauty blogger, selfies are sometimes necessary. For example, when I need to promote a certain makeup look, OOTD (outfit of the day), or at times when I'm at a gathering with people (group selfies or 'groupfies' are a great way to break the ice). Even if you are one those people trying to keep track of your health/weight loss journey, selfies are definitely the easiest way to go. For people like me, making a huge part of their living off social media, selfies page the way into the viral world. They give a face to the digital world and allow followers to connect better with the person behind the account. For certain brands, a perfectly placed selfie can humanise a sometimes flat/boring message.  
That being said, even when more than half the world tends to click a selfie the first time they test a mobile camera, I'm still that old school girl who prefers using the back camera to click a photo of her surroundings. I am not the biggest fan of either staring at myself in the mirror for ages or taking a dozen photos of my face. Don't get me wrong - I'm not against selfies. I think they are a great tool to capture the feel of a moment without recording absolutely everything around you. But when people go ahead and click selfies, I think there should be things to consider. For starters, clicking a lot of pictures of yourself need not qualify as narcissism but when you post all those 20 pictures of yourself back-to-back, it may seem like you are seeking approval. Another thing to consider is your surroundings. Sometimes, people forget that a place may have sentimental values attached to it, and that can offend someone. Places like memorials and funerals need to be respected.
In the end, it's the way you use the selfies: they could be plain fun or necessary. But be mindful before you click.

- Archana Nair
is a leading beauty influencer. You can keep up with her work @archana.93


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