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Screenshot of the Couples Counseling app
Screenshot of the Couples Counseling app

We all want to talk about our problems from time to time, but let's face it, there are some things we can't tell our closest friends and family. And there are times you simply need a third party to set the record straight. So, what do you do then (without having to invest a lot of money on therapy)? Well, you could always turn to your mobile phone. Therapy apps are here to support you through thick and thin.

By Compiled by Janice Rodrigues

Published: Thu 5 Jan 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 6 Jan 2017, 1:00 AM

Couples Counseling
Looking for a way to resolve relationship issues? Well, there's an app for that too! Couples Counseling attempts to bring partners together by getting them to communicate online with a therapist. Its other features are pretty cool too. Reconnect with your partner with the help of Relationship Tips, Relationship 'Homework' Assignments, and even a Couples Quiz and figure out just how well you know your partner. Not to mention a shareable notebook function to share your thoughts. A pretty nifty way to get your relationship back on track.

If you want to voice your issues to a licensed therapist without going through the hassle of getting out of the house, Talkspace is for you. You start with a free consultation and a matching agent will pair you with a therapist. Once you become a Talkspace member, you get access to a private counsellor as well as a secure chat room where you can discuss your concerns. However, at $32 a week, it's pretty obvious that therapy (even the online kind) does not come cheap.

Talking isn't always easy, and talking with strangers less so. That's when you can turn to SuperBetter, a unique app that turns your life into a video game of sorts. You can create a Secret Identity, map out your 'Epic Win' (a goal you want to achieve),  complete 'Quests' and battle the 'Bad Guys' (obstacles that come in the way of healthy habits). The app tracks your mental, emotional, social and physical resilience and thus helps you cope with your anxiety.

7 Cups
If you're feeling anxious and depressed and just want to talk about what's bothering you, 7 Cups has the perfect solution. Download it and get emotional support from 'trained active listeners' who you can chat with one-on-one. But that's not all - the app also gives you access to mindfulness exercises, activities and videos and puts you on a 'growth path'. So, you can have peace of mind without worrying about being judged.

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