Clear dandruff with lemon juice

Rima Soni
Filed on March 19, 2020

Is lemon juice good for clearing dandruff? If yes, how can I use it?
- Mohammed
Lemon juice added to yoghurt or aloe vera gel helps to clear dandruff. Even aloe vera gel added to a few drops of tea tree oil will help take care of the problem. Drink plenty of water and avoid an unhealthy diet.

My dad's toenails are rough and cracked and dark. They look really bad. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for natural remedies that might help?
- Vijesh
Lemon peel is rich in citric oil which will help lighten the toe nails as well as soften and repair them. Rub a lemon peel on dry feet on the areas that need improvement. Leave on overnight, and do this every day. You will see a big difference soon.
I am an 11-year-old and I look forward to your column every Friday. I have problems with dandruff and hair loss, dull skin, and dark elbows and knees. I wish to have a natural alternative to shaving my hands and legs. Also, I cannot find pure aloe vera gel in supermarkets near me, so could you please suggest a substitute?
- Name withheld
Thanks for being a fan. Aloe vera gel is a commonly available product; however, let me offer recipes with the next effective substitute. Yoghurt has antibacterial properties. Massage it into the scalp and leave on for an hour; follow with shampoo. Do thrice a week to keep scalp healthy, get rid of dandruff and arrest hair fall. For brighter skin, apply tomato juice to your skin daily and let it dry for an hour. Rinse off with cold water. For the face, take 1 teaspoon honey, add a few drops of lemon juice and massage the face with this. Keep on for an hour, then rinse with cold water. Always wear sunscreen when you go out to avoid a tan. For dark knees and elbows, mix equal parts of oats and rice powder to yoghurt and apply to the problem areas; when dry, scrub off. Do this thrice a week for excellent results. Lastly, for removal of light hair, cook rice to a sticky texture, add rice powder and honey, and apply this to dry hands and legs. When the mixture dries on your skin, scrub against the hair growth. Do this every alternate day.
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