Apple's blast from the past

Apples  blast from the past

The iPhone SE combines the features of the 6S with the compact form of the 5S - perfect for one-handed operations

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Fri 6 May 2016, 4:21 PM

I'm a fan of throwback stuff - most notoriously, with basketball shoes - but maybe anything with a vintage look is worth a shot for me.
Which is what Apple was probably thinking when it decided to go ahead and break out the retro-looking iPhone SE - a "Special Edition", in case you missed it.
The best news is that it's the cheapest iPhone in the market right now, and, naturally, it's got its pros and cons.
Simply put, the iPhone SE has the looks of the 5 and 5S from three and two years ago respectively, while retaining the huge upgrades found in the latest 6S models - such as the A9 chip, M9 coprocessor and the 12MP iSight shooter.
Gone this time, however, are 3D Touch (which, honestly, I've never used on my 6S Plus) and the 6S' upgraded and faster Touch ID sensor - plus the fact that the front HD camera is down to 1.2MP. Money-savers, I guess.
More importantly, it's back to the classic smaller-sized screen at four inches, with the bonus of Retina display - though it's not HD, as in the latest models. There is a sizeable chunk of the die-hard Apple fan base that find the 6 and 6S models way too big for them. Thankfully, those guys need not frown anymore. And while it would've been a bonus to have a more advanced display, the SE still has the type of IPS LCD that's present in older models. I noticed that the SE's display isn't as sharp as the 6S'.
Performance isn't an issue as the SE moves at speeds typical to that which iPhones are known for. The battery life too is way better than its 5 and 5S counterparts, as I was able to use it for a day-and-a-half (you may be able to get more out of it, depending on your use).

I was anticipating something of a "6C", but that's definitely not what you get. The iPhone SE does two things: heeds the public clamour for a smaller yet souped-up iPhone, one that allows for easier one-handed operation, and gives us the chance to own one without shelling out a lot of cash. It would have been perfect had Apple snuck in everything on the 6S into the SE, but the reason is obvious - lower manufacturing costs mean lower price points. Can't complain.

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