A Better shot at life

I was recently reminded of Turning a New Leaf (Aug 24) when I visited a good friend of mine this weekend.

As context, my friend’s father is a practicing cardiologist, though his family members struggle with managing their weight. In an emotional and incredibly honest conversation, she shared how her father’s academic training had little to do with what ended up on their dinner plates or the size of their decadent desserts.

However, with all the children of marriageable age now, they too have turned a new leaf — and are now implementing many of the tactics that were suggested in Aarti Jhurani’s article.

They now take brisk walks during the evenings, pack lunches to reduce temptations for fast food, cut out all carbonated beverages and have even taken to morning meditation. I’m sure that their multi-pronged strategy will yield solid benefits to their bodies and minds — but I have to pause and ask myself why it took 30 years of bad habits to come to this point.

I guess change at any time is difficult and there may be several reasons that we are not privy to which can lead individuals to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

I’m just glad to know that with my friend’s lifestyle changes, she and her family will be maximising their chance at life. life.

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The ultra glamorous world of Bollywood may seem alluring and inviting to many a promising youngster but making a mark and gaining a strong foothold there is an uphill task. Possessing the right contacts, good looks and talent may be prerequisites, but they alone won’t guarantee the fulfilment of these wannabe actors’ cherished dreams. Like the protagonists mentioned in Boyz in the ‘hood (Aug 24), hordes of starry-eyed youngsters knock at the Bollywood door waiting to be noticed and trying their best to get a break. Those on whom Lady Luck smiles do get an entry but only a handful are able to make their dreams come true. The rest either vanish into oblivion or continue with their arduous and seemingly endless struggle. The world of cinema is ruthless and transient. Only those who have that magical ‘X’ factor will be able to climb up the rungs of success.

Jayashree Kulkarni,Dhabi


Last week’s issue was the perfect go-to guide for all things health, humour and fun. Being a to-the-core surf-aholic, my cerebral cortex would not let me drift my attention towards anything else before I had checked out each of the website links given in Confessions of a Surf-aholic (Aug 24). Tips revolving around healthy eating and brain empowerment given under Turning over a New Leaf and Brain Boosters respectively apply not only to kids, but adults as well, as we are the more difficult bunch half the time. More tips for whipping up quick yet healthy meals (Guess What’s Cooking for Dinner?) were definitely called for and much appreciated at a time when people choose simply to dine outside in order to save them time and effort. Lastly, as if feasting my eyes on the tantalising Indian delicacies was not enough, I had their tried and ‘tasted’ recipes at my disposal to prepare them as and when I pleased. Kudos to the wknd. team for giving us articles that truly strike a chord with the readers. After all, connection with one’s lifestyle is what every reader seeks from a magazine today.

Yousuf, by email


My Friday always starts with a cup of tea and my favourite wknd. magazine because I love the combination of hot tea and cool information. Last weekend’s issue had an extra informative article on useful websites (Confessions of a surf-aholic, Aug 24). I think this era totally belongs to the Internet. No doubt, it is very useful but sometimes, I also feel it is such a waste of time. For example, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there and I am a user too. It connects us to the rest of the world but at the same time, makes it possible to pass hours just scrolling our computer screens for no particular reason. I loved the websites in the articles and browsed almost all of them. They provided a lot of information and I’m sure they will help me in the future too.

Rida Ilyas, Ajman

tablets or toys?

I am sure everyone will agree that if surf-aholics continue at this rate, we will have to take our youngsters to de-addiction centres for their rehabilitation (Confessions of a Surf-aholic, Aug 24). It is worrying to see parents forced to entertain today’s kids with iPads and iPhones. I am not questioning their love, but it is hard to believe that a five-year-old needs to carry around a tablet instead of a toy today. I have locked my own iPod and iPad and ask my children to go through encyclopaedias and dictionary regularly instead. Please do not mistake my intentions, my dear e-friends. I am not sure how long I can control the temptations but it is worth a try.

P Vinodhkumar, Dubai

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