4 top party apps

4 top party apps

Tired of regular old board games? Want to liven up a social gathering? Group gaming apps are simple, fun, and just a click away

By Compiled by Janice Rodrigues

Published: Thu 9 Feb 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Feb 2017, 9:20 AM

Heads Up
Here's a game that will have the entire room gesturing. One person picks a theme and places the phone against his or her forehead (so he/she can't read the screen). It's up to the rest of the room to make him or her guess the word on the screen - through mimes. With themes like Hollywood, Literature and Television Shows, and a feature that allows you to change the word with just a tilt of the phone, this one is a winner.

Who can't Draw?
Who needs Pictionary when you can download this app? Inspired by games like Chinese Whispers, this app requires one user to draw a picture of a given word on the screen - then pass the drawing down to another user, who has to redraw it and pass it onto the next. The last person in the line has to guess the original word - chances are this will be very hard unless everyone in the group is extremely talented! Check the results page to find that one player who just can't draw - for extra laughs.

A super simple game that is sure to get some laughs. The game features a screen with a series of tiles; one has to turn the tiles into a specific colour by tapping them. Naturally, the person with the most tiles in their colour wins. It's all fun and games until the tiles start to shrink - and your fingers start to clash! Best played on larger screens - unless you enjoy a good challenge!

King of the Opera
This one is perfect for smaller groups (of about 1-4 players). King of the Opera features four wacky tenors on a stage, fighting for the limelight. Each tenor can be controlled by one player, and your main goal is to knock the other tenors off stage, stay in the limelight (for as long as you can) and become King of the Opera. Think you can handle it?

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