Ways to harness the quiet power of being a natural introvert

In a world focused on extroverts, here are a few tips on how the quiet ones can stay true to their nature, and use it to make their place under the sun

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By Delna Mistry Anand

Published: Thu 23 Jun 2022, 4:51 PM

The general impression when you say that someone is quiet, is that they’re ‘shy’ or ‘meek’, while being loud can be seen as confidence and self-assurance. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, a quiet person can radiate immense amount of confidence and command respect from those around them.

Quiet people have plenty of natural advantages that help them stand apart. For one, quiet people tend to be economical with their words. Using words wisely often gives those words more power. They’re also better listeners. Quiet people tend to be more observant, often the first to notice even the smallest changes around them. Crowded spaces and fast talkers can make them uncomfortable. They are usually calm in stressful situations, patient, productive and often minimalists. Thriller novelist Patricia Highsmith famously said, ‘My imagination functions much better when I don’t have to speak to people’, and this is true for the quiet ones.

In a world focused on extroverts, here are a few tips on how the quiet ones can stay true to their nature, and use it to make their place under the sun.

The one-second rule

Actor Keanu Reeves has been seen doing this several times during interviews that involve other people. As his soft voice could be over-shadowed by his louder co-stars, Keanu uses his hand gestures to capture attention. Body language experts say that if you signal with your hands ‘one-second’ before you start to speak, it grabs attention of others in the room. Be mindful that over-the-top, unnatural hand gestures may look distracting.

Use your speech to your advantage

Quiet people tend to speak slower. Use those pauses between your speech effectively. Use the pause just before a punchline, as it lays stress on the essence of the sentence.

Share praise with others

Quiet people generally do not like to be centre of attention, they can be uncomfortable when showered with compliments. It is a misnomer that the best way to earn respect is to take credit for everything you’re involved in. In fact, sharing praise with others, earns you more respect — for your achievement and your humility. The key here isn’t to duck or downplay your own accomplishments, so start with acknowledging the compliment genuinely, and then redirect the praise to others who contributed.

Body language

Loud people have louder body language. Even if you have a softer voice, don’t be afraid to take up more space in your environment. Try being expansive instead of sitting with legs and arms crossed. Keep your head high, shoulders loose, elongate your spine and walk with longer strides.

Don’t be afraid to be non-reactive

Naturally quiet people have fewer reactions, and that’s fine. You don’t have to react loudly to appear genuine. Sometimes not reacting is all it takes to look confident, and this is easy for quiet people. It shows that you have control over your emotional responses and is automatically admired.

These are just a few ways that introverts can use their natural personality to gain more confidence. There are enough quiet people who’ve rocked our world with their brilliance, despite being introverts — Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton, Elon Musk, Michael Jackson, JK Rowling, Steven Spielberg and more. Remember, you can either use your natural traits as an excuse or you can use them to fly. The choice is always yours.


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