How to finish strong like a champion

Take this chance to do your bit and shine your light


Somya Mehta

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Published: Thu 19 May 2022, 10:36 PM

What is it about the end of the year, end of a class, end of a project that dwindles our energies off? Even a simple workout; you start strong and fresh, but at the end of the hour, you just want it to end and go into ‘shavasana’.

The start of everything comes with a burst of motivation, drive and excitement of what’s possible; be it a new year’s resolution, new project, new semester in school. But as time goes by and the novelty starts to wear off, we tend to lose steam. We get worn out from setbacks, fatigue, adversity, or just disillusionment. When you’re tired, mustering the effort to do the slightest thing feels like a chore and you just want to ‘finish it off, somehow’. But here’s the thing — because it’s so easy to give up towards the end, many people do it. Which means, here’s your prime opportunity to stand out of the crowd and differentiate yourself. Take this chance to do your bit, shine your light, and finish strong.

Finishing strong — whether it’s in your school exam, work project or exercise routine — is a mindset. It takes no special talent to do this. Just a muscle you build. And you can start building this today.

So, how can you reclaim the power and passion of a new start when you are chugging towards the finish line? Here are some simple steps you can try. But remember ‘simple’ does not always mean easy, simple can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Have faith and patience, and keep your eye on that finish line.

1 Recommit to your goal.

Pause, take a deep breath and reassess why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is the final outcome you hope to achieve? A good score in your exams? A promotion at work?

2 Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

You have studied all year round, you have the experience and information in you, you’ve worked well, now you just need to put it all down on paper. You’ve got this.

3 Identify the time drainers.

What is it that’s wasting your time and energy? It could be an activity; it could even be a thought or a mindset. Do you have thoughts like ‘I don’t think I can pull through’, or ‘I can’t’? These are born from fear, and ‘fear’ attracts the same vibe as ‘hope’ — but with the exact opposite effect. So, you might as well have better, more empowering thoughts like ‘Yes. I can do this’. Don’t waste your time with self-doubt.

4 Be aware of what’s working

Identify what is working for you, and what you’ve done right. Identify what you need to continue doing and what you need to start doing. Aim for progress, one steady and focused step at a time.

5 The peak-end rule

The peak-end rule, popularised by psychologist Daniel Kahneman, states that the way an experience ends determines how we look back on it. Example — your starters were mediocre, your main course turned up late and cold, but your dessert was outstanding. Train your mind to remember the meal by the sweet end. This is the ‘peak-end rule’ in action, and we can use it to make our worst weeks end better. No matter how it began, it can end phenomenally. Research shows that a good ending has the ability to energise us, help us better remember experiences later, help us focus on what’s most important, and elevate us emotionally. Find your peak end. Make it count.

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