7 skills to master to live an effortless life

If you are able to practise these, you have found the most sustainable way to the abundance of longevity

By Anjaan

Published: Thu 2 Jun 2022, 4:11 PM

Do you want to live an effortless life? A life which pretty much lives itself organically? It’s very possible and doable, but here are a few technical skills you must master!

Skill #1

Don’t care for pointless criticism, learn to play uninhibitedly, make mistakes, correct them and learn. Most of the time the ONLY person judging you is YOU. Practise Abhaya — the yogic ideology of fearlessness. Unless you let go of the fear of failure, you won’t be able to succeed.

Skill #2

Be comfortable with doing nothing and controlling nothing, only then can you let things happen according to natural laws. This is exemplified by the Daoist ideology of Wu Wei, which in Chinese means ‘non-doing’ or doing nothing. It doesn’t mean to be lazy, but instead means to be in the zone. You practise so much that you are able to conduct life effortlessly and that starts with letting go of the illusion of control.

Skill #3

Define your being as more than a body. Associate life force and mind with your being and indulge in activities that nourish and develop your life force and your mind just as much as your body. Yoga calls this Moksha or liberation. It is the ability to be liberated beyond the identities you have accumulated and the narratives about your persona.

Skill #4

Spend your time only in value exchanges with people, society and the environment. This means having the mindset that in every interaction with every person you create more mutual gain than loss. Ask good questions, listen well and be engaged in your communication. Genuinely relating with people will automatically create harmony in your life. Always operate with radicle honesty and this is called Sathya roughly translated as truth and essence.

Skill #5

Never see value in or indulge in dark moods. They impede connection with other beings. Learn to replace your unwholesome thoughts with wholesome thoughts. Like the Buddha taught, you are the master of your thoughts and how you react. Learn the art of responding and not reacting. This will be your biggest gift to yourself.

Skill #6

Desire skillfully, do not desire things that are loss-making. Learn the art of matching your expectations to your reality. This is called Ichcha Shakti in yoga. Always think of the bigger picture and be ready to face short-term pain for long-term gain.

Skill #7

Give up ideas of entitlement and exclusivity of anything and be willing to share and to let go in exchange for something better. This also means you have to grow and get better every day. Give up insecurities about others letting you go. They will, if they find someone better. Accept that once they even get an idea of a person better than you, they will distance from you. Leave gracefully right then, don’t wait to lose your life force.

If you are able to practise these skills — you have found the most sustainable way to the abundance of longevity, rationale, desire, morality, wealth, wisdom and bliss.


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