The future of policing in UAE in the coming decades

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The world's first floating smart police station is coming at The Heart of Europe on the World Islands.

By Sahim Salim

Published: Mon 23 Dec 2019, 8:59 PM

The country has given us glimpses into the future of policing, and boy, are we excited! This being the UAE, we expect a few innovations and gadgets over the next decade that will put James Bond to shame.
1-A flying cop car: The Dubai Police are set to take to the skies by 2020 on their new, flying motorcycles. In a video, the Dubai Media Office showed that officers are already being trained to use the Hoversurf Scorpion-3 hoverbike.

2-Are you ready for RoboCops? The Abu Dhabi Police plan to replace 50 per cent of their force with robots that will carry out half of all policing and security decisions based on data mining and analysis. This will happen over the next five decades, but we expect to see some of those RoboCops in action in the next 10 years.

3-Police station out at sea: Imagine you are out in the sea and suddenly require police services. You won't have to cruise back to mainland for that from next year. The world's first floating smart police station is coming at The Heart of Europe on the World Islands.

4-A cop station that comes to you, anyone? The Dubai Police had unveiled a self-driving police station vehicle last year. Residents will be able to request the police station to drive to their home using an app.

5- Tesla truck to the legendary cop fleet? A social media post by the Dubai Police caused quite a stir last month. The police shared an artist's rendering of the recently-unveiled Tesla Cybertruck - complete with the Dubai Police livery. Now, that's one addition to the legendary cop fleet we'd all love to see.

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