Watch: Heavy rains, hail lash parts of UAE; authorities issue safety warnings

Police urge motorists to exercise caution due to unstable weather

Photo: NCMS
Photo: NCMS

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Published: Tue 5 Jul 2022, 4:40 PM

Last updated: Wed 6 Jul 2022, 12:27 AM

Authorities in the UAE on Tuesday cautioned residents and motorists about unstable weather conditions as parts of the country witnessed hail and rainstorms.

UAE's weather department reported heavy rains and strong winds over some Eastern areas. The National Centre of Meteorology posted a video of a rain-drenched Al Ain desert on its social media. Al Hili, Masakin, Al Shikla areas in Al Ain are some of areas are experiencing a heavy downpour.

All the posts by the department have the hashtag #cloud_seeding, suggesting that the authorities have been using the rain enhancement technique in the country. It is likely why the country is experiencing heavy rains in peak summer.

The temperatures recorded, while filing this news report, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are 35ºC and 37ºC, respectively.

The Ministry of Interior and Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to be cautious and follow the changing speed limits displayed on electronic information boards. Motorists have also been warned to watch out for debris and flying objects in high-speed winds.

Weather monitoring handle Storm_ae posted a video on Instagram of rain and hail lashing the Eastern part of the county.

Residents in the eastern and southern areas of the country can expect more rain as the weather department sent out a warning: "A chance of convective clouds formation associated with rainfall and fresh winds over some Eastern and Southern areas, from 00:00 until 9am Wednesday." Authorities asked residents to be cautious while carrying out any outdoor activities.

Expected weather from July 5 to 8

The National Centre of Meteorology said the region has been affected by a low pressure extending from the east, accompanied by various cloud formations.

Some clouds will extend over the country, especially the northern, eastern and southern regions, accompanied by rain.

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