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Fog in UAE: Police urge motorists to exercise caution amid foggy weather

Abu Dhabi - Scattered fog is expected until Wednesday


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 20 Jan 2021, 10:19 AM

Police have urged drivers to slow down and strictly follow traffic rules, as fog blanketed the UAE on Tuesday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCM) tweeted that fog formation in some parts of the country started at 10am on Monday and continued until Tuesday morning, as visibility dropped to less than 1,000 metres (m).

Earlier, Dr Ahmed Habib from the NCMS had told Khaleej Times that fog was expected in scattered areas in the UAE until Wednesday.

UAE fog in photos: Near-zero visibility, traffic jams, stunning early morning scenes

He had explained that the current inland fog formation is caused due to high pressure and temperature radiation from the land following a dip in mercury during late at night and early morning.

Police have urged motorists to drive cautiously in foggy weather to avoid crashes and pile-ups.

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In Abu Dhabi, police have warned that motorists should be careful while driving in foggy weather for their own safety and that of other road users.

“Drivers should be cautious and should drive safely and leave enough distance between two vehicles due to fog and unclear vision, especially during early morning hours and at night," warned police.

Motorists have been advised to avoid overtaking, use low lights, avoid hazard lights, and carefully listen to awareness messages disseminated by Abu Dhabi Police via social media in a bid to avoid crashes during this inclement weather condition.

Authorities have also reminded motorists that speed limits during hazardous weather conditions, including fog, dust-storms and rains, be kept at a bare minimum.

Police said that the maximum speed on Abu Dhabi roads is capped at 80 kilometres (km) per hour due to foggy condition and motorists have been urged to adhere to the restriction for their own safety and that of other road users.

Road safety expert advises drivers

Thomas Edelman, the managing director and the founder of Road Safety UAE, said driving in bad weather is often linked to fog, rain or sand storms with low visibility and slippery road surfaces being the common denominators.

“Every year, we suffer pile-ups, which are typically chain reactions: One accident occurs, sometimes just a small fender bender, and following motorists cannot avoid colliding with obstacles in front of them, due to the lack of proper distance, lack of attention or too high speeds.

“In conditions like today’s, it's a good idea for motorists to refer to the vital tips to drive safely and also to start the trip much earlier and calculate some extra time to reach the destination safely and on time!” he said.

He added: “Adhere to the golden rule - Visibility DOWN: Attention UP - Slow DOWN - Distance UP!”

Handy tips for driving in fog

-Keep adequate distance between two vehicles

-Adjust your speed so you can always stop within the line of visibility ... Slow down!

-Concentrate and don't get distracted by your passengers, mobile phone etc

-Turn on the lights: low beam headlights, front and rear fog lights (no hazard lights!)

-Care for others, especially for weaker traffic participants such as two-wheeler drivers, bicycle riders and pedestrians

-Keep in your lane and avoid overtaking other vehicles

-Ensure your glass wipers are in good working condition, especially those of windscreens and rear windows

Photo by Juidin Bernarrd/Khaleej Times
Photo by Juidin Bernarrd/Khaleej Times

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