‘Critical faults’ behind flooding of RAK roads: Official

‘Critical faults’ behind flooding of RAK roads: Official

Some critical technical faults, including broken drainage pipes, were discovered in the infrastructure of most of the roads in the emirate.

By Ahmed Shaaban/senior Reporter

Published: Thu 22 Jan 2015, 12:43 AM

Last updated: Fri 26 Jun 2015, 12:25 AM

Heavy rains lead to flooding of Rahba Wadi in RAK. — Supplied photo

Ras Al Khaimah — Some critical faults in the roads of Ras Al Khaimah is behind the incessant accumulation of rainwater and flooded roads, a senior official has revealed.

Ahmad Al Hammadi, Director of the RAK Public Works and Services Department, said they formed a rain emergency committee two months back to avoid accumulation of rainwater on the roads of the emirate. “Some critical technical faults, including broken drainage pipes, were discovered in the infrastructure of most of the roads in the emirate and in residential areas.”

The department is coordinating with the bodies concerned to root out the problem and replace the blocked rain drainage network with a new one, he said. “The heavy showers that lashed the emirate have blocked the main and internal roads here, leading to vehicle breakdowns and flooding of some shops and houses, particularly at Al Dheit and Khuzam areas.”

Al Hammadi said the areas near Safeer Mall, RAK Courts, Al Hadaf roundabout and all the plots below sea level were flooded.

The continuous rains also led to students not being able to attend school since some school buses got stuck in the accumulated water on roads. Additionally, some school yards and even classrooms of public and private schools were flooded.

“This is mainly because of the blockage spotted in the rain drainage network here,” Al Hammadi stated.

He said the department has suspended all of its projects and deployed the staff to drain water from roads. “The department’s 34 tankers, 40 portable pumps and 12 fixed pumps have been stationed for this purpose.”

Ahmed Hamada Al Shehi, Manager of Services section at the department, said three companies have cooperated with the department and provided 12 tankers to drain water from roads. “We managed to drain the rainwater on the Showroom Road, at the RAK Courts roundabout and Al Hadaf roundabout. Work is underway in all areas below sea level.”

Al Shehi said they received more than 100 rain-related complaints.

Col Ahmed Abdurrahman Al Bagham, Director of the Central Operations Room at the RAK Police, said they have deployed 33 traffic patrols to help the public. Some patrols have been deployed to tow vehicles stuck in accumulated rainwater. “The Air wing of the RAK Police has also been assigned to fly over the emirate to detect traffic congestions.”

Fishing affected in UAQ

The moderate to heavy rains that lashed Umm Al Quwain brought fishing to a complete stop. The UAQ Fishermen’s Society issued a circular warning all fishermen in the emirate against fishing in the rough sea and hazy weather.

Some roundabouts and roads in the emirate were flooded as a result of the rain. The UAQ Traffic Police had to block Exit 103 on the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed road because of accumulated rainwater.

Lt-Col Saeed Obaid bin Aran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department of the UAQ Police Directorate General, said no traffic accidents were reported from the emirate during the rains on Tuesday.

Lt-Col Hassan Ali bin Sarm, Director of the UAQ Civil Defence Department, urged residents to stay away from electric cables, particularly the wet ones, to prevent electrocution.

Meanwhile, the UAQ Education Zone sent students back from school on Tuesday. Schools reported 30 per cent absenteeism on the day.


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