Cloudy weekend predicted

Cloudy weekend predicted

Parts of the UAE were greeted with, as predicted by the meteorology department, a brief spell of rain on Thursday.

The cloud cover is expected to remain over the weekend. Due to the effect of a westerly surface low-pressure trough located over central Saudi Arabia usually associated with a relatively cold upper air mass, the country will see unstable weather.

Clouds will gradually accumulate over most areas of the UAE, as seen in the last 24 hours. The cloud cover emerged early Thursday morning over the western area and moved eastward, accompanied by different intensities of rain.

The southerly wind which dominated the country retreated on Thursday at noon, at which point fresh Northerly winds (the Shamaal) started to affect the western regions and the rest of the country. The wind will become strong over the weekend and the sea will be rough.

People planning to visit the beach have been advised to be cautious.

The fresh wind will raise dust over the open inland and a drop in temperature is expected.

The NCMS expects the unstable weather to continue in the eastern areas until tonight.

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