UAE launches 'advanced services system' for Emirati passports, 5-year, jobseeker visas and entry permits

Updated system to attract skilled workers, experienced people, creators, and specialists to the Emirates

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Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 5 Sep 2022, 9:51 PM

Last updated: Tue 6 Sep 2022, 12:32 AM

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) on Monday rolled out its “advanced services system”.

The services, including issuing the new generation of Emirati passports and trial of the updated visas and entry permit scheme, will come into effect on October 3.

At a press conference, authorities announced that the visa reforms include a significantly expanded Golden Visa scheme, a five-year Green residency and new entry permits, including one for job seekers. The new system also offers additional benefits to sponsor family members.

The ICP also announced the amended period of grace periods in the country for expats after the expiry or cancellation of residence visa from 30 days to six months.

Authorities said investors, businessmen, residents, visitors, people with special talents and skills and job seekers in the country could submit their applications through the ICA’s website and smart application or the customer happiness centres.

Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, ICP Director-General, lauded the UAE Cabinet’s resolution to adopt the executive regulations of the federal law regulating the entry and residence of foreigners in the UAE at such a critical juncture.

He also pointed out that the new UAE passport and the issuance of the new regulations, including benefits, facilities and new and diverse categories of visas, will meet the needs, ambitions and hopes of citizens, residents, investors and those wishing to work and live in the UAE.

He then highlighted the keenness of the UAE’s leadership to reunite families and enhance the quality of their lives, and invest in the potential of people with talents and expertise, who might contribute to driving economic growth and sustainable development, as well as its efforts to attract capital and talents from around the world.

Al Khaili added that the new updated visa system involves streamlined processes, controls and procedures, and new facilities that support the authority's approach to providing pioneering services, which align with the Principles of the 50, and meet the future needs of all categories of foreigners and residents.

New generation of Emirati passport

Major General Suhail Jumaa Al Khaili, Director General of Identity and Passports at the authority, said that the new Emirati passport provides security and safety for the citizens.

Launched on September 5, the passport is in line with the directions of the country's leadership toward a smart government. It is also a step added to the UAE's balance in the field of enhancing national identity, issuing passports and identity cards, and providing proactive services to customers.


Holders of valid UAE passports can use them until their expiry, and then apply for the new passport through the ICP's website or smart application or the country's embassies and consulates, he further added. The new UAE passport has a new modern design and has the latest technology and security features.

Al Khaili stressed that the renewal of passports and obtaining a new passport do not entail additional fees.

"The new generation of the passport is printed using laser technology on polycarbonate material, rather than paper, which makes it difficult to damage, tear or forge, and ensures faster printing and greater security," Al Khaili said.

"This increases the efficiency of specialised printing supported by photos and security marks characterised by its thickness to prevent damages," he explained.

"In the new passport, laser technologies and three-dimensional tangible elements are used to boost quality."

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