Zero house thefts recorded in 2018 so far: Dubai Police

Zero house thefts recorded in 2018 so far: Dubai Police

The credit goes to the comprehensive smart home security scheme implemented for residents.


Amira Agarib

Published: Wed 11 Jul 2018, 5:07 PM

Last updated: Thu 12 Jul 2018, 2:48 AM

No thefts were recorded this year in Dubai thanks to a comprehensive smart home security scheme implemented for residents. 
Lt. Col. Rashid Abdul Rahman bin Zabawi Al Falasi, director of Criminal Investigation Department, during a Press meet on Wednesday, said that the home security programme launched by Dubai Police is witnessing a strong demand from citizens as well as expat residents.
The Dubai Police aim to reduce the rate of crime and theft of homes through this home security programme.
The number of applicants registered for the service has seen a 35 per cent rise this year compared to last year's 30 per cent; which was 17 and 15 per cent in 2016 and 2014 respectively.
Also on Wednesday, the Dubai Police launched a home security campaign in cooperation with the department of security awareness in the general department of community happiness.

How to register

The public can register for the comprehensive smart home security programme via the Dubai Police smart phone apps or the Dubai Police website.
The smart home security scheme is a preventive security service to protect the public's homes during their holidays, whether they travel inside or outside the country. The service is free of charge and the police patrols would tour the area and arrest any suspect who would be spotted roaming around the house.
The Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department would receive applications 24 hours through smart services and through the official website of the Dubai ( or through the customer service centres at the police stations by filling out the application forms.
Lt. Col. Al Falasi said that the police look forward to half of the total residents joining for the scheme in 2018. If residents forgot to subscribe to the service before travelling, they can also do that from their home country or country of visit by contacting call centre on 901 requesting for the service.
House robberies have been reduced by 20 per cent and no thefts were reported from the participating house owners since the launch of the home security scheme in 2004, according to Lt. Col. Al Falasi.
He added that the programme has been developed this year to become fully smart in cooperation and partnership with government departments and the private sector.

No breach of privacy

Residents can also instal cameras and new sensors for a reasonable charge through the Dubai Police web site. He urged residents to join the programme and protect their houses from potential thefts and other crimes.
Lt. Col. Al Falasi said that the police have distributed free surveillance cameras to some people to encourage them. However, some house owners are reluctant to instal cameras as they scared that it would affect their privacy.
He said that privacy will not be affected and the sensors would just alert the police if someone tries to intrude. Most importantly, cameras help residents also to monitor their houses remotely.
Lt. Col. Ibn Zaboui urged travellers not to leave money and valuables such as jewellery in home. They can keep them in banks, or keep them at a relative's house or a friend in the country, and not to leave the car outside the house during the long journey.

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