Young Times makes a comeback in UAE after 9 years

YT, as it was popularly known, was everything a youngster was looking for.
YT, as it was popularly known, was everything a youngster was looking for.

Dubai - Seasons have passed, and many Young Timers have achieved great feats.

By Roopa Kurian

Published: Wed 10 Jan 2018, 10:15 PM

On December 31, 2008, a Wednesday morning, we bid adieu to the youngsters in the country. 'Until we meet again,' wrote Otto. Khaleej Times has kept its promise.
Today, nine years later, Otto is back with Young Times, a trendy and appealing 52-page magazine which intends to be a companion to the modern young adult.
From humble beginnings as a broadsheet within the newspaper in 1986, Young Times soon grew into a 72-page standalone magazine catering to those between the ages of 9 and 14. There was no stopping it. With the tagline, 'Celebrating the Spirit of Youth' the magazine truly celebrated the youth in the region all through its 22-year journey to become part and parcel of every family.
YT, as it was popularly known, was everything a youngster was looking for. It was more than just a magazine for them. It was something they could call their own, something they could identify with - a friend, a guide, a counsellor, trouble-shooter, movie buff, sports person, music enthusiast, a celebrity, a teacher.. Most importantly, it urged them to think and to question assumptions.
The YT Den was a fun place, with readers visiting us, curious to know how the magazine was brought out week after week. It was a second home for them, a place they could turn to when they had problems, a place where they could brag about their successes, a venue to showcase their talents.
The Otto Club brought its members together, while magic shows, sporting events, workshops on topics such as heavy school bags and homework, and conferences on subjects like water scarcity brought the community together.
QuizYT - the biggest annual inter-school quiz in the region - brought the school fraternity within its fold with every school vying for the coveted YT trophy.
How could we forget movie mornings? The fun and the camaraderie among Young Timers - as its readers are known - as they gathered at Plaza Cinema in Dubai, year after year, to watch their favourite movie and take way goody bags and Baskin Robbins ice creams bring back a flood of pleasant memories.
As Young Times grew, so did Otto's family. His siblings Totto and Dot soon became household names and catered to younger age-groups.
Khaleej Times believes in being a newspaper for the family, and Young Times is a way of giving back to society by helping create a generation with the right values and inculcating a habit of reading among them, the aim being to mold wholesome human beings. Even when YT took a break, the newspaper ensured that the segment received the attention it deserved through its news pages.
Seasons have passed, and many Young Timers have achieved great feats. It's heartening when we receive letters saying how the magazine helped them through their growing years, showing them the right path and providing them encouragement. We feel elated when Young Timers who have now become parents tell us how they wish their children could read the magazine.
And Khaleej Times has risen to fulfill those wishes. The new Young Times will appeal to the young adult. Its high editorial quality and stylistic design, both in print and digital, will ensure that reading takes top priority. It will cater to their every need, every hope, every desire, and will partner with them as they aspire to fulfill their dreams. It will be a forum to showcase their talents, in writing, quizzing, art or craft.
Young Times is a unique gift from Khaleej Times to the country's youth, a gift they can call their own, a gift that will take them places, a gift that will help them hold on to their roots even as they take flight. The journey continues for YT.

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