You can now help Dubai Police solve crimes and earn Dh25,000


Dubai - Police has also asked the public to share ideas that would help bring down the number of traffic accidents.

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 30 Jun 2021, 11:05 PM

Last updated: Wed 30 Jun 2021, 11:08 PM

You can now help the
 Dubai Police solve crimes and earn Dh25,000 in prize money!

The Dubai Police’s Innovation Council has launched a platform whereby members of the public can provide suggestions and solutions on safety, security and environmental issues.

“Individuals from inside and outside the UAE can provide innovative solutions and be awarded with Dhs25,000 prize,” officials said.

Brig Ahmed Rafea, Director of Administration Affairs at Dubai Police said on Wednesday that the platform targets innovative individuals, enterprises, entrepreneurs and community members of all ages to take part in suggesting solutions and work together with Dubai Police in addressing challenges that affect communities.

The challenges relate to policing, safety, traffic management, crime prevention and reduction, and customer happiness.

Lt. Col Dr. Ibrahim Al Merri, Director of Knowledge and Innovation, said that the main focus will include reducing road accidents involving buses transporting workers, and motorcycle delivery riders; raising awareness on the dangers of drug abuse; and online extortion and cyberbullying and blackmailing.

Individuals can suggest solutions to the challenges that are posted on a live platform. The platfarms will allow them to be partners with Dubai Police in implementing the chosen solutions.

Al Merri added that more than hundred people and companies have submitted creative ideas to Dubai Police to help the force deal with these four challenges.

Since the launch of the innovation platform in April this year — that is dedicated to out-of-the-box ideas — 178 entries have been submitted between April 25 and June 26 this year.

Police have asked the public to share creative ideas that would help bring down the number of traffic accidents involving public transport and fatalities among delivery bikers.

Police said traffic deaths and injuries among delivery motorcyclists jumped from 12 in 2018 to 17 in 2019 then slightly dropped to 14 in 2020.

He explained that entries will be reviewed by a Dubai police committee to determine the winners and prepare them for rewarding.

“The innovation platform is an the open-for-all channel through which police share existing challenges while also receiving emerging ones from the public. To allow communities members from various nationalities to take part in the innovation platform, new languages will soon be added, currently available in English and Arabic. to log in, people can create an account or use their emirate identification cards,” concluded Al Merri.


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