Woman in UAE meets her brothers after 25 years

umm al quwain, 25 years, sister meets brothers, divorce

Umm Al Quwain - The parents got divorced long ago, and the siblings got separated.

A woman in Umm Al Quwain knew she has brothers, but never knew what they looked like, until she approached the social support centre of the UAQ Police. And for the first time in 25 years, she finally met them.

Police sources said the young woman went to the centre to get the identification documents of her brothers. But when she got the papers and saw their photos, she started crying.

"I have never seen them, not even once," she said upon being asked why she was in tears.

"My father has long divorced my mother and, since then, I have not met my brothers."

Moved by the family's heart-breaking story, the social worker who attended to her request started searching for her brothers. He was able to get in touch with their mother, who agreed to let the woman meet her siblings.

"It was a touching moment when the sister met her brothers at their mother's house for the first time after 25 years," the social worker said.

They family thanked the UAQ Police for making the reunion happen.


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