Why your UAE mobile network has changed its name to '30 Nov'

Why your UAE mobile network has changed its name to 30 Nov

Residents take to social media to express surprise, delight

By Web Report

Published: Tue 28 Nov 2017, 6:38 AM

Last updated: Sun 25 Nov 2018, 11:15 AM

UAE residents woke up to a surprise as they picked up their mobile phones on Tuesday morning.
UAE's telecom network providers du and Etisalat changed their network names to '30 Nov' to mark Martyr's Day and UAE's 46th National Day.
The country braces for a four-day holiday for the public sector whereas the private sector will get three-day holiday during the birthday of Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him), Commemoration Day and National Day.
Etisalat and du retweeted reactions of their users on their official pages.
Residents who noticed the change took to Twitter and dedicated their prayers to the martyrs who died for the country using the hashtags #30NOV and #MartyrsDay.
Twitter user Ganesan, saluted the move and said it's a great way "to Salute the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their lives defending the sovereignty of the Nation."

Residents who noticed the change in the morning took to Twitter to share their views.
Another user, Bu Hassan said the initiative to change the network name is "beautiful," while adding, "May god bless the souls of our martyrs and make paradise their home."
Meanwhile Eshraq tweeted a small prayer: "May our martyrs souls rest in piece, and may god support our brave soldiers and keep them safe wherever they are and keep our UAE secure and prosperous."

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