Website launched for UAE residents to find jobs

Website launched for UAE residents to find jobs

'Find a Job' is a one-stop cost-free service.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Tue 30 Apr 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 May 2019, 9:02 AM

There is new hope for jobseekers hunting for opportunities or cheated with fake offers, employment visas and bogus recruitment agencies. Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority (HRA) and Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) on Tuesday launched 'Find a Job' journey - first-ever next-generation digital recruitment and talent development platform under the Abu Dhabi Government Services 'TAMM'.
Kawthar Madhi, project manager, 'Find a Job', said the portal is a one-stop cost-free service, which will make the journey of finding a job till landing the offer letter an easier one.
"This journey is very beautiful for a very simple reason. A jobseeker needs to login with a smart pass and create a CV if they don't have one. There is a simple process to make your CV, which will highlight important information for employers to review. A jobseeker can apply for posted jobs. Once the employer accepts the application, the jobseeker will get a request for good conduct certificate. And that's why we have integration with the Ministry of Interior. We have integration with SEHA for medical fitness certificate," she said.
Jobseekers don't have to upload documents like medical certificate, as it will be 'tagged' onto the CV through digitalisation. There will be a consent notification sent to the jobseeker updating about the status of the medical fitness certificate. "The system doesn't send it directly to the employer. The jobseeker has to give consent to share it with the employer."
Once the certificates are through, the employer finishes the recruitment cycle by sending the offer letter to the job seeker. "Everything happens within the journey. You don't have to carry the black bag with all your certificates and documents," she said noting how the platform saves time for everyone.
'Find a Job' journey
The one-stop process starts with login through a smart pass which is integrated with Emirates ID. Jobseekers on visit visa or those abroad can also avail the services too.
"This is the first time something like this is being launched in the UAE. This journey from the beginning with login till getting your job offer is digitalised and under one umbrella with all necessary integration with our stakeholder partners."
There is also provision of auto match, that is, once a profile with complete CV is created in the portal the job seekers will be alerted about employment opportunities which matches their skills.
"The notifications could be through SMS and email too."
Public, private and jobseekers
The portal will have job openings from government and semi-government entities and private firms.
Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, member of the Executive Council and the Chairman of the Department of Community Development, said the new platform seeks to attract talents and boost competitiveness across all sectors. This, he said, will encourage startups and support research and development institutes in their efforts to attract talents and experts to Abu Dhabi, as well as serve their needs for training and capability development.
Dr Rauda Al Saadi, Director General, ADSSSA, said the initiative is in line with Abu Dhabi Accelerators Development Programme 'Ghadan 21'. She said the platform aims to increase opportunity for jobseekers and attract qualified nationals.
"ADSSSA collaborates with key partners in the public and private sectors to bring access to job opportunities to a new level through digital transformation and benefit many with the use of innovative digital technologies through TAMM. The launch of innovative digital services following the 'end-to-end journey' model provides advanced government services in Abu Dhabi, particularly for essential sectors such as housing, education, health, entertainment, family and business."
Amer Hussain Al Hammadi, Acting Director General of the Human Resources Authority, said the platform will accelerate the process of providing job opportunities.
"The Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority is working with its partners to raise its level of services through digital transformation and move towards integration and automation under the TAMM, which is the largest and most advanced services platform of the Abu Dhabi Government, which is being led by ADSSSA," Al Hammadi added.

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