Video: Rain, thunderstorm hit Abu Dhabi, Dubai, other emirates; authorities issue safety tips to motorists

Water accumulated in main streets, communities, and valleys throughout these regions; residents advised to take precautions when venturing out


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Published: Mon 22 May 2023, 9:28 AM

Last updated: Mon 22 May 2023, 12:48 PM

UAE residents are currently enjoying a refreshing respite from the usual heat as rainfall lashed several regions of the country, creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere that persists.

On Monday morning, the weather department reported thunderstorm in some parts of the country, accompanied by intense downpours and lightning. Notably, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Sharjah experienced heavy to moderate rainfall.

Due to the rainfall, water accumulated in main streets, communities, and valleys throughout these regions. In light of this situation, citizens and expats have been advised to take precautions when venturing out. People are urged to avoid flooded areas and valleys for their safety and the risk of getting penalised for breaking the ten weather-related traffic violations.

Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to exercise caution due to the rainy weather and to follow the changing speed limits displayed on electronic information boards.

Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) also sent out advisory to motorist urging them to adhere to guidelines and ensure public safety measurements by slowing down, driving carefully, and using headlights.

It is important to practice safe driving techniques in unfavourable weather conditions. Below are some tips for driving during bad weather conditions:

Safety tips during rain

  • Check the validity of the brakes, tires, and headlights of your vehicle before starting your journey.
  • Before driving in the rain, whether it is a short trip or not, make sure your wipers work well for a safe journey.
  • If you have to drive in the rain, always double the safety distance between you and the vehicle ahead for your safety and that of others.
  • Drive slowly when it is raining so you can always control car and avoid worrying about having to stop suddenly behind other vehicles.
  • Make sure to check your tires
  • When driving in the rain, always follow traffic signs and do not instantly press on the accelerator when the traffic light turns green to avoid losing control on the slippery roads.
  • Drive cautiously and carefully at a reduced speed.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit for your safety.

Important advice for drivers when it rains:

— Leave a safe distance between other vehicles.

— Do not overtake other vehicles except in ideal conditions.

— When it rains, drive cautiously and carefully to get to their destination safely.

— Driving in the rain requires you to focus more. Turn on your headlights and keep a safe space between the vehicle ahead of you to avoid a collision.

Safety tips during dust

  • Before driving in dusty weather ensure that all your car headlights work well.
  • Reduce speed while switching lanes
  • If the weather gets dusty while driving, close your windows and turn on the AC


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