Unstable weather in UAE: Authorities issue warning, 6 guidelines to stay safe during rains

Forecasters think thunderstorms and rain will hit parts of the country, with moderate to heavy showers expected in various parts

Photo: Shihab
Photo: Shihab

By Web Desk

Published: Fri 6 Jan 2023, 11:32 AM

Last updated: Sat 7 Jan 2023, 10:26 AM

The UAE's Ministry of Interior on Friday issued an alert and urged residents to be cautious due to fluctuating weather conditions in the country.

A cold wave is expected over the weekend, and the country will experience a significant drop in temperature starting today, with temperatures dropping to 4°C. Forecasters think thunderstorms and rain will also hit parts of the country, with moderate to heavy showers expected in various parts.

In view of the unstable weather conditions, the Ministry of Interior urged residents to be vigilant. Taking to Twitter, the authority wrote: "Due to the exposure of several areas in the country to fluctuations in weather conditions accompanied by heavy rains and winds, please take care and caution while driving the vehicle and avoid valleys and places where water flows."

The authority also issued six tips for residents on how to remain safe during inclement weather:

  • Make sure to listen to weather bulletins from official sources
  • Motorist must check the vehicle and the validity of the lights, windshield wipers and tires
  • Residents who need to go out must avoid speeding at all times
  • Drivers are urged to follow the advice and instructions from the concerned authorities
  • Residents should take all precaution, drive calmly and carefully during inclement weather
  • People asked to stay away from floodplains, valleys and watershed

Sharjah Police are also warning residents from venturing into flooded areas and water bodies. On social media, the authority wrote: "We call on fellow drivers to exercise caution while driving due to fluctuating weather conditions. Leave sufficient distances between vehicles, reduce speeds and drive with caution."

The police also warned residents not to approach places where valleys and dams flow and rain pools for their safety and the safety of others.

According to the MET department, Saturday will be cloudy with rainfall of different intensities over scattered areas, especially coastal, northern, and eastern areas. The highs will be 24 degrees C with lows of 18 degrees.


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