Weather alert: Met warns of blowing dust, low visibility in UAE

Weather alert: Met warns of blowing dust, low visibility in UAE

The temperature will soon start dropping, NCM said.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Tue 4 Sep 2018, 1:55 PM

Last updated: Wed 5 Sep 2018, 8:36 AM

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) on Tuesday has urged motorists to be extra cautious while on the road due to poor visibility resulting from blowing dust.

The NCM said that moderate winds blowing dust over coastal and internal areas might get visibility levels down to less than 2,000 metres. This will continue until at least 2pm today.
Cooler days around the corner
Beaches and outdoor hotspots across the country may start filling up with residents again during the daytime hours over the next few weeks, as the UAE begins going through its much-awaited seasonal transition. 
Speaking to Khaleej Times on Monday, Eisa Alsereidi, weather forecaster at the National Center of Meteorology(NCM) said temperatures will slowly start to decrease from now.
"Nowadays, the warm weather will persist but in the next few weeks there will be a small drop in temperatures, about 2-3 degrees."
As summer makes way for the cooler Autumn weather, Alsereidi said residents won't feel a quick turnaround when it comes to a drop in heat, but it will gradually cool down over the next three weeks as we move from "one season to the other".
In regards to humidity, residents have had a little rest bite from the moist, sticky air over the past week, however, whether it stays at bay really depends on one thing; the wind.
"The kind of humidity we are exposed to all depends on the direction of the wind. We will experience high humidity when the wind blows from the sea, but at the moment we are getting a south-easterly and north-easterly wind, which means it's coming from the land. That's why we're not feeling that high humidity we expect in the Summer months." 
Over the next few days, the weather will remain pretty much the same, but on Wednesday residents may feel a drop in temperature of "about two degrees", he said.  

"On Monday, the minimum temperature recorded was 23.5 degrees while the highest was 40 degrees. It will stay within that range as the week progresses, with a slight decrease on Wednesday."

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