Watch: RAK Ruler plants 'Samar' tree seedlings, digs through soil with primary school children

The heart-warming video shows His Highness delivering a unique lesson to Grade 1 students on the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Published: Mon 6 Mar 2023, 6:54 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Mar 2023, 1:32 PM

Grade 1 students at Ras Al Khaimah Academy’s International Primary School in Khuzam were in for a delightful surprise when a very special guest paid them a visit – none other than the Ruler of the emirate.

In a heart-warming video released by Ras Al Khaimah's Media Office, His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, is seen meeting the primary school children to deliver a unique lesson on the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation, by planting seedlings from the locally-found 'Samar' tree.

Sheikh Saud also talked to the children about their interests, and probed their innocent and spontaneous minds through friendly and interactive dialogue. Children represent joy in the present and our hope for a bright future, he stated, and we must meet each of their requirements to ensure a happy childhood for them.

The adorable video shows a pack of thrilled children disembark a school bus as His Highness approaches. "Good morning to you!" he exclaims.

"Do you know what tree this is?" Sheikh Saud asks, pointing upwards at the 'Samar' tree as the eager students gather cross-legged around him.

"It's a 'Samar' tree. It's very shady; this tree is very famous," he explains. His Highness then asks the children for their help planting the seedlings.

"Are you willing to help me? I want a yes!", he says playfully as the children respond "Yeah!" in delight. The students and the RAK Ruler then proceed to plant the seedlings as teachers look on, beaming. The touching video even shows His Highness grab a spade and dig alongside the children.

The Samar tree, commonly found throughout the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula, can be located in both sand dunes and gravel plains. According to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the trees have valuable fodder – leaves, flowers and seed pods – for camels, onyx and gazelles. Traditionally, the tree was used for treating paralysis by passing the smoke of burning wood over the affected limb.


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