Watch: From Paan Dosa to Baahubali Sandwich, this week's bizarre food videos on social media

Here are five such viral food videos that shocked us this week

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Photo used for illustrative purposes only. — File
Photo used for illustrative purposes only. — File

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Published: Wed 14 Jun 2023, 3:55 PM

Last updated: Fri 16 Jun 2023, 1:53 PM

Scrolling endlessly through social media pages and watching videos of mouth-watering food from around the world has become a part of our daily routine for many of us. From close-ups of delicious shawarma to slow-motion videos of chocolate fountains, such content often makes us drool. But then there are videos that feature some of the most bizarre food combinations you cannot imagine. This often involves mixing weird ingredients and coming up with an unlikely dish.

Below are five such viral food videos that shocked us this week.

1. Paan dosa

You must have heard of dosa, a delicious south Indian food enjoyed all over the country. But this is not an ordinary dosa. Here, the vendor has blended the flavours of dosa with paan to make something absolutely bizarre.

2. Murmure making

It is common to be curious about what goes behind the making of our favourite foods. This week, a video went viral showing the preparation of murmure, puffed rice, used in a popular Indian street food called bhel puri. While the street food is flavoursome, the unhygienic conditions under which the murmure is made, displeased many on the Internet.

3. Dancing bhel puri

A vendor recently caught the attention of many with his unique dancing moves which he does while preparing the puri.

4. Baahubali sandwich

Named after the blockbuster film Baahubali, this sandwich might test your appetite. It is loaded with everything from cheese and butter to fruits and cream, making it significantly heavy.

5. Pav bhaji ice cream

The video features a man making ice cream rolls with pav bhaji, which is a much-loved savoury food in India, dumbfounding social media users.


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