Wanna be a Hollywood star? Here's an opportunity for UAE youths

Dubai - Hollywood-based company seeks young Muslim Arab to star in a new major martial arts film and TV series

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Wed 23 Dec 2020, 2:12 PM

Last updated: Wed 23 Dec 2020, 2:14 PM

MagicQuest Entertainment, a Hollywood-based film and television company, is seeking a young Muslim Arab martial artist to star in the major Hollywood film and television series Khalid - A Champion For All.

The story is about Khalid, a young Arab martial artist who, when his mother dies of cancer, enters a martial arts tournament in Japan that he hopes to win and thereby gain the acceptance of his Arab father who Khalid has never met — as his father had left for the US before Khalid was born following an argument with his wife.

Khalid wins the championship, but learns too late that winning the tournament enslaves him to an international crime syndicate.

Khalid escapes the syndicate and heads to the US to look up his father but gets stranded in a small California town ruled by an evil Chief of Police who has Khalid's father killed and gives Khalid the choice between fighting in a staged martial arts tournament or going to prison.

"My objective with this world-class motion picture and the international television series is to provide the world's 400 million Arabs with an enhanced global presence and Muslim Arabs and their culture more respect and appreciation, which we accomplish by having the noble and devout Muslim, Khalid, as the film's lead character," says Bo Svenson, head of MagicQuest Entertainment.

Joined by executive producers Nabil Elalem and Najat Mahnin, Svenson will have as many as 25 film apprentices from the Arab World working with his Hollywood film crew when filming begins in Southern California on August 2, 2021.

Those interested in portraying Khalid should provide a 30-second video of themselves in which they introduce themselves in English and demonstrate their personality, martial arts skills and athleticism.

The two finalists will compete in a televised event in one of the Arab World's capitals. The winner gets to star in the film; the "loser" will appear in the film in an important co-starring role.

Those interested can submit their video to khalid@magicquestentertainment.com. All entries must be submitted by February 1, 2021.



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