Viral videos: This Emirati goes skydiving, snowboarding in kandoora

Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Maamari shares his pride of Emirati heritage as he soars through the skies wearing traditional dress

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Ruqayya Al Qaydi

Published: Sun 4 Jun 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 14 Jun 2023, 8:05 AM

An Emirati adventurer is breaking barriers and redefining the world of extreme sports by wearing a kandoora while skydiving or snowboarding.

As a member of the UAE Freefall Skydiving team, Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Maamari has captivated audiences globally with his breathtaking skydiving stunts. But what sets him apart are not just his unmatched skills but also his unwavering commitment to embrace his Emirati heritage, as he fearlessly soars through the skies in traditional Emirati attire or kandoora.

His videos on social media platforms that show him engaging in various sports, including freefall skydiving, have garnered significant attention and admiration. And his performances donning the all-white male garment while soaring through the air makes him very special.

A video he posted with the caption “Skydiving in Emirati way (kandoora style)” exemplifies his love and deep-rooted pride for his cultural heritage.

Flying the UAE flag high

"Skydiving is far from an ordinary sport. It offers an indescribable pleasure that only a skydiver can truly comprehend," he said during an interview with an Arabic magazine.

For him, skydiving is the ultimate solution for those seeking to confront their fears and overcome personal limitations. With over a decade of experience and an impressive record of approximately 5,500 jumps, his enthusiasm and dedication remain steadfast.

Al Maamari is also very proud of the moment when he and his Skydive Dubai teammates leapt into record books, while they skydived with a huge UAE flag, that shattered the previous Guinness World Record.

Furthermore, Al Maamari's unmatched skills have led him to claim top honours in prestigious events. He secured the coveted first-place position in the Dubai World Championship and emerged victorious in the Asian Championships for three consecutive years.


Al Maamari's adventurous spirit goes beyond the Dubai sky as he takes on thrilling challenges in other places too. During his skiing expedition in Bulgaria, he raised the UAE flag and showcased his versatility as an athlete with unwavering dedication to further hone his skills and go on more adventurous.

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