Video: UAE influencer Khalid Al Ameri challenges Hulk of Pakistan

Dubai - The Emirati influencer decided to challenge famous Pakistani “Hulk” Khan Baba.

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By Staff Report

Published: Sun 13 Jun 2021, 10:44 AM

Last updated: Thu 15 Dec 2022, 2:28 PM

Popular Emirati social media influencer Khalid Al Ameri decided to challenge famous Pakistani “Hulk” Khan Baba during his recent visit to Pakistan.

Weighing around 435kg, Khan Baba is believed to be the strongest man in Pakistan and is a hero to many.

“I read somewhere that you’re the strongest man in Pakistan. I’ll tell you why I don’t believe that because I’m here now,” says Al Ameri smilingly.

“I’m really a serious kind of guy. But everything that I do on social media is to entertain people. I’m a happy man and enjoy my life,” says Baba when asked by Al Ameri about what kind of person he was.

Things take a serious turn when Al Ameri decides to challenge Baba.

“When I don’t want to be handled, you have to shoot me then because you can’t handle me like this,” says Baba jokingly.

“I feel you’re challenging me,” Al Ameri responds.

Al Ameri is seen challenging Baba to jump over a traditional handwoven bed from the Indian subcontinent, which Baba does successfully.

In yet another competition, Khan Baba easily lifts Al Ameri on his shoulders and walks around his home garden, showing off his strength.

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