Video: Stuck in Australia for 2 months, 9-year-old boy reunited with family in Dubai

Video, Stuck, Australia, 2 months, 9-year-old boy, reunited, family, Dubai

Dubai - Thanks to the UAE's help, Luca was able to get on board a flight to Dubai recently.

By Wam

Published: Sat 2 May 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 3 May 2020, 9:09 AM

As soon as she saw her nine-year-old son at the Dubai airport, Australian expat Lindsey Summers ran towards him and lifted him up in a tight embrace. They hadn't seen each other for nearly two months.

Luca Alexander Summers, Lindsey's son who was born in Dubai, had travelled to Sydney in early March for what was supposed to be a 10-day vacation. However, owing to global flight restrictions put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, he wasn't able to return to the country.
Thanks to the UAE's help, Luca was able to get on board a flight to Dubai recently. His touching reunion with his family was captured in a video taken by the state news agency.
"We are very excited to have our family back together again. I would like to thank the government of the UAE for everything they have done for us. We are very happy for the help they gave us," said Lindsey, who has been living in Dubai for 20 years now.
Luca, who was met with a welcome gift when he arrived at the airport, also expressed his gratitude to the UAE, their family's second home.
"Thank you, UAE Government, for trying hard to bring me back. I'm really happy. I was born in Dubai and I love the UAE," he said.

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