UAE: Young executives from the region share their experiences at leadership programme

Participants talk about developing strong ties with peers for future collaborations

Ziv Aviram, the co-founder, co-CEO at OrCam Technologiesand founder of  Mobileye). Photo: Twitter
Ziv Aviram, the co-founder, co-CEO at OrCam Technologiesand founder of Mobileye). Photo: Twitter

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Published: Fri 13 Jan 2023, 5:14 PM

Last updated: Fri 13 Jan 2023, 6:42 PM

Participants of a leadership programme for young executives are sharing knowledge about their culture, know-how and ecosystems, as it will help them develop strong ties for future collaborations through virtual meetings.

The T3 Leadership Programme, led by the UAE-IL tech zone, Birthright Excel and Young Executive Forum, and supported by the Aviram Foundation, brought together a group of 40 executives, aged between 28 to 35, from the fields of VCs, tech, healthcare and diplomacy.

The event, which concludes on January 15, also features a physical meet-up that will take place in the UAE between January 12-15.

The highlights for participants were being able to learn from Ziv Aviram, the co-founder and co-CEO at OrCam Technologies, and founder of Mobileye, and Mohamed Al Khaja, the UAE ambassador to Israel.

The Aviram Foundation is no stranger to the UAE or Israel. It had launched an award competition across the Mena region that allowed entrepreneurs of the future to materialise their ideas.

Last year’s ceremony took place in the UAE and included winners from Jordan and Israel. The grand prize for the winners was $500,000.

The T3 alumni network will gather annually to share their work and garner cutting-edge ideas and ties to keep building a strong Middle East.

Most of the participants will come to the UAE for the first time in January. Emirati participants together with prominent business leaders and public servants will also attend a Shabbat dinner for the first time and further deepen cultural understanding.

Iditi Rubin, Director of Birthright Excel said, "Our aim with the T3 Leadership Programme is to create and maintain a layer of strong young leaders unified to nurture long-lasting and sustainable relationships in the region through education, cultural exchange and diplomacy. The interactions we see between the participants iare encouraging and promising."

According to Noa Gastfreund, UAE-IL tech zone’s co-founder, the programme is becoming a true vector of peace: a triangular exchange allying the Global Excel and Young Executive Forum and tech zone communities, but also the UAE, US and Israel. With successful entrepreneurs in the world of tech and diplomacy being mentors, these collaborations are what the region needs where a new generation of leaders can tear down the usual barriers we face today.

Participants looking forward to in-person meetings

Meitha AlNoori (UAE), Senior Legal Specialist, ADGM found that the T3 Leadership programme helped her realise the curiosity people from abroad have about Emirati culture, and the way of life in the UAE.  She looks forward to the in-person meetings and hopes it will lead to long-lasting friendships.

Oz Reshef (Israel), Founder & CEO of Pathos, a stealth mode startup, is keen on developing strong ties for future collaborations by engaging with other participants and is actively seeking out opportunities to collaborate by being proactive and making the most of the opportunities that the program provides.

Dr Abdulla Al Shimmari (UAE), Founder CEO of & co-founder & CVO of joined the programme to meet individuals who are working within global leading ecosystems. He is learning from experts about their journey, the obstacles they faced, and the strategies they took within different industries. A true UAE champion, Dr Abdulla already has already started venturing with Israeli partners on data science.

Monica Sager (US), Customer Success Strategy and Operations, LinkedIn is eager for the physical meetup in January to deepen the initial relationships built via remote Zoom sessions and explore the culture in Dubai for the first time.

Hadar Houri (Israel), VP Marketing at HopOn finds the sessions with top-tier business leaders extremely beneficial and is learning from their experiences and insights as they are experts in their respective fields.

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