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UAE weather: Dusty, windy forecast with sharp drop in temperatures

Dubai - Next few days to be partly cloudy in general.

By Web Report

Published: Fri 22 Jan 2021, 3:42 PM

Last updated: Sat 23 Jan 2021, 6:34 AM

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted the weather for the UAE over the next five days to be partly cloudy in general with a significant drop in temperatures expected all over the country.

Following is a detailed weather forecast issued by the NCM today for the coming five days:

Friday: Weather: Dusty – Partly Cloudy at times – A significant drop in temperatures.

Wind: Moderate to fresh Northwesterly and strong at times, causing blowing and suspended dust and sand – with speed of 20 -35 km/hr reaching 55 km/hr.

Sea: Very rough to rough, in Arabian gulf and rough in Oman Sea.

Saturday: Weather: Dusty – Partly Cloudy and Cloudy at times over the sea and northern region of the country.

Wind: Moderate to fresh Northwesterly, becoming Easterly and northeasterly over the northward & eastward of the country at night, causing blowing and suspended dust and sand - with a speed of 20 – 30 km/hr reaching 45 km/hr.

Sea: Rough in Arabian gulf and moderate, becoming rough at night in Oman sea.

Sunday: Weather: Dusty, becoming fair to partly cloudy at times with a slight increase in temperature.

Wind: Moderate to fresh Northeasterly at times, with a speed of 15 – 30 km/hr reaching 40 km/hr.

Sea: Moderate to rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Monday: Weather: Humid in the morning, with a probability of mist formation over some western internal areas – Fair in general and partly cloudy at times..

Wind: Light to moderate Northeasterly with a speed of 10 – 20 km/hr reaching 30 km/hr.

Sea: Slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

Tuesday: Weather: Humid with a chance of fog and mist formation by morning over some internal and coastal areas – Dusty and partly cloudy at times, temperatures tend to slightly decrease westward.

Wind: Light to moderate northeasterly to northwesterly with speed 10 - 20 Km/hr, reaching 30 Km/hr.

Sea: Slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

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