UAE: Visitors to Sheikh Zayed Festival get first aid training to help save lives

Four types of new and advanced civil defence mobile equipment are being displayed during the awareness campaign

Photos supplied
Photos supplied

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 2 Mar 2022, 7:28 PM

Visitors of the Sheikh Zayed Festival have been taught basic first aid, its importance, and how to respond to life threatening emergencies such as severe burns, asphyxiation and heart attacks.

During the awareness campaign organized by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (ADCDA) at the festival, the ADCDA displayed four types of new and advanced civil defence mobile equipment adopted for the purpose of rescue and emergency response.

The campaign started on 20 February and will continue till 5 March with the aim of educating visitors on modern technologies used by the Civil Defence Authority and first aid procedures necessary to save lives in emergency situations.

The first aid campaign - which is being received by the public very well - deals with cases that require rapid action to save a patient before an ambulance arrives. For example, in cases of heart attacks, a simple CPR can be performed to help the patient breathe again till paramedics arrive.

The campaign also reviews first aid procedures in cases of asphyxiation in the family. This happens mostly to children, who are prone to choking. They can be saved if one or more people around them know how to perform a Heimlich maneuver.

The awareness campaign also covers cases of hemorrhaging and open wounds, showing techniques that can be used to buy the patient some time until they receive medical help.

Four mobile units are being displayed at the festival. They are two sand bikes, one for rescue and the other for firefighting; both of which are used on sandy and desert terrains. Along with a firefighting robot used for accidents or incidents involving oil drilling facilities, warehouses, factories, industrial areas and open agricultural areas, and an ambulance paramedic bike which can be used during traffic congestion and in narrow city pathways in order to get to accident victims and perform any necessary first aid while the ambulance is on its way.


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