UAE unveils 100 cutting-edge AI applications revolutionising media workflows

This was unveiled on the inaugural day of Arab Media in Dubai


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Tue 26 Sep 2023, 4:47 PM

Last updated: Tue 26 Sep 2023, 9:55 PM

The UAE has launched 100 practical applications and use cases of generative AI within the media industry. These innovations aim to streamline and accelerate tasks for individuals in different sectors of the field.

This was unveiled by Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications on the inaugural day of Arab Media in Dubai.

He said, “AI will not replace journalists in the foreseeable future. You can train AI once, after that it may not be sustainable. Human beings will have to correct and create content.”

The applications use AI platforms like Humanta, Chatbase, Promptpal, Listen Monster to name a few.

Humanta specializes in data analysis with a special emphasis on research and document analysis, Chatbase is an AI Chatbot builder, and the Listen Monster is a free speech-to-text transcription service.

He also emphasized that the UAE aims to understand the applications of generative AI which are growing by the minute and leverage them for the benefit of content creators, innovators, and media professionals.

The minister reiterated with the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, we now have the capability to disseminate content rapidly and efficiently and people should leverage it to the maximum extent possible.

“Today we can disseminate content in a matter of seconds. This is impersonating another character. AI can summarize soccer matches and all the visual content is analysed. Many international newspapers use AI to summarize and analayse,” he said.

Olama reiterated that AI-powered tools can not only generate text, images, videos and but can even create music.

This allows for the rapid creation of content that can be disseminated across various platforms.

“Spotify uses AI to understand musical preferences. That’s why the usage of apps is increasing immensely. Nestle is using AI for media campaigning for ads. Pepsi Co. filmed a five-minute content and used AI for different things across various languages. AI gives us the opportunity to improve with fewer resources. Cartoons and cinema also create content using AI these days. One can only use a web browser that can be used to leverage these capabilities.”

He also highlighted that AI uses algorithms that analyse user data and preferences to recommend content tailored to individual users. This helps in delivering relevant content quickly.

Olama added, “Attracting users is important today. This makes readers or gamers feel that the content is in line with their interests. We are just at the beginning of the road. The impact would be radical, and it will change our life. We depend on AI in our daily lives. In Google or in Youtube or Google Maps and they have changed our lives, and this will be even more radical. In media, it can generate content in five minutes. Translation and transcription took so long earlier, now it can be done in minutes.”

He also pointed out that the connection between humans and AI spurs creativity.

“The relationship (between human beings and AI) is just a catalyst that supports creativity. The speed is critical, and we should leverage this. Users of Chat GPT reached 100million in two months. That’s the power of AI and it’s very easy to use.”


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