UAE: Traffic cameras to monitor expired vehicle registration from November 7

Violators will face Dh500 fine and will receive four black points

Photo: File
Photo: File

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 7 Nov 2021, 10:53 AM

Last updated: Sun 7 Nov 2021, 10:59 AM

Ras Al Khaimah police announced that vehicles with expired registration will be monitored by traffic cameras starting from Sunday, November 7.

Cameras activated across Ras Al Khaimah streets will not only flag vehicles with expired registration but also expired licenses and car insurance.

The violators will face Dh500 fines and will receive four black points, according to federal traffic law.

Brigadier Ahmed Al-Sam Al-Naqbi, the Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, told Khaleej Times that the system is activated at various internal and external roads of the emirate.

He pointed out that drivers and vehicle owners must expedite the renewal of expired licenses to prevent violations and legal procedures.

The Deputy Director of the Electronic Services and Communications Department, Colonel Omar Mohammad Al-Oud Al-Tunaiji, explained that the cameras have a high degree of accuracy and quality that exceeds 95% in monitoring vehicles. They can process and read vehicle number plates dynamically according to the smart reading system.


He added that the digital reading of vehicle plates does not require central processing. The available information is sent through a private network to the central server. The data is subjected to human scrutiny in the last stage to be checked to avoid any technical errors.

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