UAE: Three expats overjoyed at winning Dh100,000 each in Mahzooz draw

Twenty six other participants took home Dh76,923.07 after sharing the second prize of Dh2,000,000

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Published: Fri 13 May 2022, 5:32 PM

Last updated: Fri 13 May 2022, 6:12 PM

Three lucky winners felt speechless by the news of winning Dh100,000 each in the 76th live weekly Mahzooz draw.

Erasmo from the Philippines, Syed from Pakistan and Shiroy from Australia were the winners of the weekly Raffle Draw that took place on May 7 at the Mahzooz studios in the UAE.

Twenty six other lucky participants, who took home Dh76,923.07 each, after sharing the second prize of Dh2,000,000, echoed the same emotions and feel overwhelmed with the new windfall.

While the Grand Prize of Dh10,000,000 is yet to be won, Dh 2,707,750 were distributed among 1194 winners at the 76th Mahzooz Weekly Draw.

Erasmo, 44, who works as an engineer in the UAE, has been a raffle participant for the past two years. “I got a call from my friend Mark on Saturday evening. I didn’t believe him when he told me I had won Dh100,000 as I thought it was a prank. When I verified the news, I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so overwhelmed and had goosebumps!” said Erasmo.

“I am a father of one child and my wife is currently expecting another baby. Rest assured at my children’s future is secure”.

Syed, 53, was also left speechless after learning about his win through the MyMahzooz YouTube channel. The taxi driver is looking forward to taking care of both his, and his brother's families.

“I started participating in Mahzooz around six months ago after recommendation from friends. I was lost for words when I saw my ID on the screen during the live show that I was watching live on Youtube. Beside paying off my loan, I want to make sure that my family and my brother’s family are taken care of,” said Syed.

Shiroy, 33, based in Abu-Dhabi, participates in Mahzooz every other week as he believes that “If you are not in it, you can't win it”.

“I had my eyes on the Nissan Patrol that Mahzooz had in the draw during the Eid weekend, but luck had a different plan for me that night. Instead, during that same draw, I won the third prize of Dh350. I used this credit to purchase 4 lines in the following draw, and here I am, taking home Dh100,000,” said Shiroy.

“I initially learned about Mahzooz from my colleagues. Last Saturday, my school friends who have not contacted me for over six months, called to inform me about the winning,” recalls Shiroy.

As a young health and safety executive at a private company in the Capital, Shiroy is planning to invest the prize money in forex trading, after thoroughly studying his options.

All winners confirmed that they would continue participating in Mahzooz draw and try their luck at the Dh10,000,000 top prize in the Grand Draw.

For a chance of being the next millionaire, simply go to, pay AED 35 to buy a water bottle that will be donated to hydrate those in need, and choose 5 numbers in one line.

To win the Grand Prize of Dh10,000,000, you need to match your five chosen numbers with the five winning numbers. If you end up matching four numbers, you as well as others who have chosen the same numbers could win Dh1 million divided among the winners. If you strike three out of five winning numbers, you will individually win Dh350.

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