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UAE space mission: Godspeed, Hazza, your mission is a giant leap for us all

UAE space mission: Godspeed, Hazza, your mission is a giant leap for us all
Hazza is a source of pride for all young Emiratis to have the trust of the prudent leadership.

KT will continue to serve the readers in providing every detail of Hazza's journey as well as his scientific experiments aboard the ISS and beyond.

By Team KT

Published: Sat 21 Sep 2019, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 22 Sep 2019, 7:38 PM

The hopes and aspirations of millions of Arabs and UAE residents will soar beyond the known realm of science when the first Emirati astronaut blazes off to space just three days from today. And we at Khaleej Times have tracked every twist and turn of this spatial journey ever since the astronaut programme was announced in December 2017.
Over two years, we have captured the excitement of the thousands of astronaut hopefuls who signed up for the programme; the anxiety and happiness of candidates during the multiple elimination rounds; and the jubilation of the two Emiratis who were selected to fly the UAE's flag in space.
We have profiled the primary astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori and his back-up Sultan Al Neyadi enough number of times to make them household names, and in candid chats with us, they have opened up about their nervousness, excitement and pride in the mission. A KT reporter is on the ground in Baikonur to capture the human aspects of the scientific mission, and a dedicated team has been stationed at our Dubai office to monitor everything Hazza and his epic mission. The next three days will be action-packed as the rocket arrives, the astronauts address their final Press conference before the launch and the actual blast-off happens - so stay tuned!
With mere hours to go before the launch, we have spoken to a cross-section of residents who have expressed their pride and excitement ahead of the historic liftoff.
And from all of us here at KT, Godspeed, dear Hazza and crew, may the UAE colours shine bright in space!
I am so proud as an Emirati to witness the first Emirati going to space. I would like to wish Hazza all the blessings and best of luck on this wonderful journey. May God keep the team safe and we will see him accomplish his mission."
Tariq bin Qafleh
Hazza is a source of pride for all young Emiratis to have the trust of the prudent leadership. The UAE Space Mission is a quantum leap in the country's history. As an Emirati, I am so proud to belong to this ambitious country."
Ahmed Saeed Al Kaabi
The UAE Space Mission has put the country alongside other advanced countries. I feel proud of our prudent leadership who have made this achievement a reality. This breakthrough will open the door for all Arabs."
Yousif Alahmed
It is a true honour to have such inspirational character who is fulfilling his childhood dream and make it come true for himself and his country. We are truly proud of you, Hazza, and wish you a safe journey to space."
Haitham Saeed Awadh Al Tamimi
Hazza's tryst with the International Space Station has captured the nation's imagination and stoked the collective curiosity students naturally seem to have towards space exploration."
Nargish Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy
The demand for aerospace-related careers continues to rise. It is our hope by having our students develop an understanding of aerospace at a young age that they will be well prepared for a future that we can't even imagine."
Glen Radojkovich,CEO, GEMS International School, Al Khail
I'm sure Hazza is ready for the trip, but more importantly I think this is going to be a defining moment for UAE history. It will always be something we can look back and celebrate. It is a testament to the efforts of the UAE to push the limits of what's possible."
Aaryan Krishnan, Grade 12 student
I want to wish Hazza the best of luck, and it's pretty amazing to be the first Emirati in space. I wish he keeps doing more of these great adventures and bring more pride to the nation and its people."
Ahsan Nayaz, Grade 12 student
The Filipino community in the UAE wishes UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori the best of luck as he embarks on a mission not only on behalf of the UAE but also humanity. His efforts mirror those of mankind to conquer and learn more about the universe."
Paul Raymund Cortes,Philippine Consul-General
The space mission of Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri to become the UAE's first man in space symbolises the optimism, dynamism and ambitions of the UAE. We all wish Hazza well and let he be a source of inspiration for the youth."
Hans Sandee, The Netherlands Consul-General
"Congratulations to the UAE for a great achievement. It opens up a world of possibilities to the future and proves what can be achieved if only we dare to dream. Hazza Mansouri is an inspiration to Emirati youth, and all of us."
Low Pit Chen, Singaporean Consul-General
I would like to congratulate the UAE government for this remarkable milestone. We are sending the very best of luck to him and his team and may Allah bestow upon the team His blessings for a successful mission."
Ridwan Hassan, Indonesian Consul-General
This project is important for me as a former Thuraya satalite engineer in my early career who experienced the success launch of a UAE satellite and would love to experience your success and that of the nation in your mission."
Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman and managing director, co-founder, Relam Investment
I am a proud expat in the UAE to witness this historical event. The country has made a giant leap in space mission and Hazza will raise the country's flag and conquer the universe."
Cristina Calaguian, Managing Director of DAGAZ HR Consultancy
We are proud of the UAE being at the forefront of technological advancements in the region and this is just another feather in the cap. This is a reflection of a smart, future-forward nation. We wish it many a successful mission."
Nameer Khan, Chairman, Mena Fintech Association
The country's focus and tenacity have not only gained God's blessings, it has moved the universe to align with the UAE's goals, too! Everyone - citizens and expats alike - are so proud of the country's great advancements in space exploration."
KC Cheah, UAE-China Business Development chief in Fujairah
We are proud of UAE, it's leadership and Hazza Al Mansouri for the upcoming space mission. This puts UAE in the league of few coveted nations who have achieved this feat. Gives me immense pleasure to see the efforts of Hazza and vision of UAE leaders coming to fruition. Wishing Hazza Al Mansouri a very successful mission.
Arshad Khan, Co-founder & CEO Arabian Bourse
'A historical moment for the Emirates. We wish great success to the first Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori on this exciting journey. It's a new page shaping the UAE space sector, and it will inspire a generation of young astronauts to follow suit.'
Nadine Mezher, Co-founder and CMO, Sarwa

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