UAE ranked among most thoughtful societies globally

The Emirates has ranked highly on many sub-indexes such as social mobility, elderly support from family, compassion, international donations.


Waheed Abbas

Published: Thu 9 Dec 2021, 1:06 PM

The UAE has been rated among the world’s most thoughtful societies in the world, according a report released on Thursday.

Covering 50 countries, the study evaluates a variety of factors to rank the level of respect and compassion that people in countries around the world have for one another and their peers. The study covers numerous aspects such as charity, international donations, compassion, healthcare, education social mobility, gender equality, elderly support from family and others under the three main indexes Philanthropy, Equality and Family.

According to the study by, the UAE has been rated the 25th most thoughtful society globally.

The Emirates has ranked highly on many sub-indexes such as social mobility (1st), elderly support from family (2nd), compassion (8th), international donations (11th) and charity (12th).

Saudi Arabia (36th) is the only country from the region listed in the index. Ranked 1st in the world, the kingdom is the most thoughtful when it comes to elderly support from family and 3rd for elderly care from the state.

Globally, Western countries including the Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Ireland and the USA topped "The Most Thoughtful Societies Index 2021 released by

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