UAE passport ranked strongest in the world again

Photo: Wam
Photo: Wam

Dubai - It achieved the highest mobility score, allowing entry to 152 countries


Waheed Abbas

Published: Mon 4 Oct 2021, 11:29 AM

Last updated: Mon 4 Oct 2021, 11:33 AM

The UAE passport has become the most powerful in the world yet again.

The Global Passport Index released by Arton Capital ranked it first globally for achieving the highest mobility score, with the passport allowing entry to 152 countries. As many as 98 countries offer visa-free entry, 54 countries offer visas on arrival and 46 countries require a visa before entering the country.

The UAE passport was ranked strongest for the first time in December 2018, when the country marked the “Year of Zayed”. It maintained its top ranking in 2019 but slipped to 14th in 2020. However, the passport regained its glory yet again in 2021, emerging the strongest globally.

The UAE earlier this year approved amendments to the citizenship law, allowing investors, professionals, special talents and their families to acquire Emirati citizenship and passport under certain conditions. UAE citizenship offers a wide range of benefits, including the right to establish or own commercial entities and properties.

The ranking is based on freedom of movement and visa-free travel to passport holders. The strength of the passport does not only represent the identity of the citizen, but also an important factor affecting its access to global opportunities, ease of movement and quality of life.

The rankings have been changed after visa-free arrangements became null and void between the countries following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to contain the pandemic, many countries have imposed travel restrictions on other countries where daily Covid-19 cases are high.

New Zealand’s passport is the second strongest after the UAE, offering entry to 146 countries. Passport holders of Germany, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia can enter 144 countries.

In the Middle East region, Israel’s passport is second strongest after the UAE. Ranked 17th globally, Israeli passport holders get visa-free entry to 89 countries and visa on arrival in 37 countries, while 72 countries require a visa prior to entering the country.

Ranked 47th in global power ranking, Qatar’s passport is the third strongest in the region. Qatari passport holders are allowed visa-free entry to 52 countries and visa on arrival in 39 countries; prior visa is required in 107 countries.


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Among the other regional countries, Kuwaiti passport is ranked 50th strongest, Bahrain at 52nd, Saudi Arabia at 55th and Oman at 56th.

Globally, Afghanistan’s passport is the weakest, followed by Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Myanmar, Palestinian Territories, Eritrea and Iran.

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