UAE: Parents told to ensure online, TV content their kids watch is age-appropriate

Authorities had recently asked OTT platform Netflix to remove “offensive content targeting children"


A Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 8 Sep 2022, 2:41 PM

Last updated: Fri 9 Sep 2022, 12:22 AM

The UAE’s Media Regulatory Office has asked parents to monitor the content their children watch on television or online. Guardians have been advised to follow the age classification of content.

“We recommend parents activate parental control features on movie platforms, which guide them to choose the appropriate content for their children according to their age group,” the regulator said in a social media post on Thursday.

Platforms available in the UAE offer parents the choice to create special logins for children or block content meant for a mature audience.

Authorities had recently asked OTT platform Netflix to remove “offensive content targeting children”.

“Recently, it has come to our attention that Netflix is broadcasting some visual content that violates media broadcasting regulations in the UAE and contradicts the country's societal values.

“We have contacted Netflix to have this content removed,” a joint statement issued by the Media Regulatory Office and Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) said.

“TDRA and the Media Regulatory Office are committed to monitoring the content offered by the platform and the extent of its commitment to abiding by the broadcasting controls in the UAE, from now on. We will be taking necessary action in the event of broadcasting any materials that conflict with the values of the UAE society and do not comply with the existing laws and regulations in the country.”

Cinema halls in the UAE follow a strict age rating system. ‘G’ is meant for general viewing and is open to all ages, while PG means children would need parental guidance, with some material not being suited for kids. PG13- and PG15-rated movies would require an adult to accompany the kids, while 15+, 18+ and 21+ would not allow entry to children below the specified ages.


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