UAE: Mum calls cops on drug addict who threatened to kill family

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Abu Dhabi - The youth confessed his crime to the police during interrogation.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 31 Mar 2021, 11:12 AM

A drug addict of Arab origin threatened to kill his family members after they tried to quarantine him at home in a bid to cure him of his addiction instead of admitting him to a rehabilitation centre, public prosecution documents have revealed.


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The addict, who is in his youth, was confined to his home for a long time. Prolonged abstinence from narcotic substances led to side-effects and his physical and mental wellness were impaired.

The youth’s mother complained to the Abu Dhabi Police that her son had demanded money and her car’s key in a bid to buy drugs.

When she refused, he got violent and took out a kitchen knife and threatened to kill her, his father, and his siblings.

Acting on the mother’s complainant, a police team immediately reached the spot and found the youth brandishing the knife in his room.

The police tried to persuade him to drop the knife and surrender before the force, but he unsuccessfully tried to flee from the spot. He was detained and evidence of drug abuse was found in his room.

Later, medical tests also corroborated that he consumed both psychotropic and narcotic substances.

The youth confessed his crime to the police during interrogation. He also admitted that he had previously driven a vehicle under the influence of narcotic substances.

Earlier, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance had ruled that the accused be taken to a rehabilitation centre and be treated for addiction.

He was sentenced to a two-year jail for threatening to kill his family members and physically assaulting them. He was fined Dh20,000 for driving under the influence of psychotropic substances.

The court has also ordered that his driving licence be suspended for a year and it should not be renewed following the expiry of its validity period.

The youth challenged the verdict in the Abu Dhabi Appeals Court, which reduced his jail term to three months from two years.

However, the court upheld the Dh20,000 fine.

The judge also cancelled the order that denied him the chance of renewing his driving licence following the expiry of its validity period.

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