UAE: More jobs in 2022; 74% employers plan to increase salaries

42% of employers in UAE don't offer work from home option


Waheed Abbas

Published: Tue 1 Feb 2022, 11:27 AM

Around 74 of employers in the UAE expect salaries within their organisations to increase. In contrast, 70 per cent expect to hire more staff in 2022, according to a new survey by global recruiting group Hays released on Tuesday.

The survey’s findings revealed that 42 per cent of UAE employers don’t offer work from home options to their employees.

In a survey among the UAE employees, 43 per cent of respondents confirmed that their salaries increased last year, mostly less than 5 per cent, while 46 per cent of UAE workers hope their salaries will increase this year.

The survey findings revealed that 43 per cent of companies in the UAE offer company or car allowance, 49 per cent flexible working, 37 per cent child education allowance and 53 per cent life insurance.

In the Gulf region, around 43 per cent of professionals received a pay increase in 2021, 49 per cent of salaries remained the same.

For 2022, there is much optimism as 73 per cent of GCC employers anticipate salaries to increase, while 26 per cent expect wages to remain the same in the region.

“From our own experiences, salaries certainly have increased year-on-year and are set to continue on this trajectory for 2022, with a proportionally higher number of salary rises likely to take place this year than in the past 3 years. The most common increase is likely to be an uplift of up to 5 per cent,” Hays said in its latest study.

Most in-demand jobs in UAE, GCC

According to Hays, most in-demand candidates in the job market include those with industry qualifications and years of experience in both local and international markets. Technology continues to be the most in-demand profession, particularly roles relating to data science, product development, software development, and cyber security.

It said experienced and qualified senior professionals from all job categories are in higher demand than more junior candidates. This has been even more so the case following the pandemic as many employers have gone through a period of restructuring and are now actively hiring senior leaders with the skills and expertise to achieve business growth objectives.

The study found that there is much optimism in the job market throughout the Gulf for 2022 as 61 per cent of respondents feel positive about their career prospects for the next 12 months and 78 per cent of employers are positive about the outlook for their business. When asked about hiring intentions for 2022, 73 per cent of employers plan to increase headcount in their organisation, which is again, a significant uplift on the 53 per cent who said the same the prior two years – a further indication that business activity is set to surge beyond pre-pandemic levels.


Great Resignation in 2022

Hays said more than half – 56 per cent – of employees across the UAE anticipate that they will move to a new job with a new company in the next 12 months.

Sarah Dixon, managing director of Hays Middle East, says it looks like “The Great Resignation” will arrive in the UAE and GCC this year, with a huge 56 per cent of candidates in the region stating that they intend to change jobs in the next 12 months.

“The key motivator for change is salary and the majority of professionals (61 per cent) feel optimistic about their career prospects in 2022; this is understandable when you look at the increased headcount that organisations plan to hire over the year. Candidates will definitely have more options as demand increases,” said Dixon.

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