UAE: Man who tortured, imprisoned wife gets jail term, ordered to pay Dh179,000

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Ajman - The forensic report confirmed that the bruises on the body of the victim were the result of abuse with various tools over a period of time.

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Published: Mon 3 May 2021, 2:40 PM

An Arab man who tortured his wife, causing her permanent disability, was sentenced to a jail term of one year and three months, followed by deportation, and ordered to pay Dh179,000.

According to a report on Emarat Al Youm, the wife filed a report against her husband stating that he assaulted her, tortured her with an electric wire, burned her with sharp tools, and forced her to drink urine.


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In her testimony before the court, the woman stated that her husband repeatedly insulted her, tortured her and imprisoned her.

She said he burned her with a heated fork, shaved her hair and eyebrows, strangled her, bound her hands and feet, hit her with a cord and pulled out her teeth. He also locked her up for a month.

The forensic report confirmed that the bruises on the body of the victim were the result of torture with various tools over a period of time as stated by the victim.

The assault caused her permanent disability to various parts of her body.

The court listened to the maid who confirmed the husband was constantly beating his wife and that he locked her up in a room for a month and no one could enter without his permission.


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The husband denied all charges against him and claimed his wife was cheating on him, and when he told her he was going to divorce her, she hurt herself.

The medical reports, and statements of witnesses and the victim confirmed that the injuries were not self-inflicted but rather the result of assaults. Based on the evidence, the court charged the husband.

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