UAE: Man racks up Dh508,000 in traffic fines with stolen car

The woman demanded that the violations he racked up in her name, be cleared and and transferred to his file


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Fri 11 Nov 2022, 7:53 AM

Last updated: Fri 11 Nov 2022, 9:52 PM

A woman in Abu Dhabi filed a civil lawsuit against a man in his early twenties for stealing her car and committing traffic violations with it.

The defendant had committed violations worth Dh508,000.

She demanded that the traffic fines that he racked up in her name - using her car, be cleared and and transferred to his file.

The woman also asked for clearance from the traffic and licensing department showing that all the traffic fines committed by the stolen car have been taken off her file.

In the lawsuit, she said that the man stole her car and had it until authorities got a hold of him. Investigations showed that the man had committed several traffic violations using the woman’s car.

The Abu Dhabi criminal court sentenced him to a year in jail after he was found guilty of theft. The man was also fined Dh500 for committing traffic fines using the woman’s car.

The woman then filed a lawsuit at the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Claims Court demanding that the defendant be forced to clear the fines or the violations be taken off her traffic file and be registered under the defendant’s name.

After looking into the case, the court found out that the plaintiff had not paid the required court fees therefore, her lawsuit could not be acceptable.

The court ruled that the case has been rejected for non-payment of court fees.

The judge said in his ruling that the woman had not presented any document to confirm that she submitted a request to the head of courts for the postponement of the court fees or asking for an exemption from payment.

The woman was told to pay for the defendant's legal expenses.


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