UAE: Man ordered to pay fiancée Dh277,800 for broken promise

Photo: Wam
Photo: Wam

Abu Dhabi - Defendant reneged on his pledge about making her a partner in a library business.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Thu 18 Mar 2021, 11:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 18 Mar 2021, 11:12 AM

An Abu Dhabi youth has been instructed to pay back the Dh277,800 he took from his fiancée after lying to her that she would be a partner in a library business.


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The Arab man had told the woman that she would be a shareholder in the business, but later reneged on the promise. He also refused to return her money.

Official court documents stated that the woman filed a lawsuit against her fiancée demanding that he pay back the Dh350,000 he took from her to invest in the library business project.

In her lawsuit, the woman said that the man had asked her to become a partner in a commercial project to acquire a library and took Dh300,000 from her. She said she borrowed the money from the bank.

The Arab woman indicated that, besides being engaged to defendant, she had previously worked with him, which made her trust him.

She said the defendant told her they would share profits from the business, which encouraged her to take a loan from the bank to raise the required cash.

She had initially lent him Dh300,000 in cash. The man later asked for more money claiming that the business owner didn’t agree on the earlier purchasing price. She then handed him her gold jewellery worth Dh50,000.

The man had signed documents acknowledging receipt of the money from the woman to invest in the joint library business.

The woman said, after acquiring the library, the man refused to give her her share in the business and was shocked to later find out that the defendant had even sold the library to another person. She asked him to refund her cash, but the man refused, prompting her to take him to court.

In court, the defendant admitted to receiving the cash from the woman. He, however, presented documents showing that he had paid her back Dh63,500.

After hearing from both parties, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered the young man to pay Dh277,800 to the woman. He was also told to pay for the legal expenses.

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