Jobs in UAE during Ramadan: Hiring picks up for these roles during the holy month

Business activity increases substantially in certain sectors during the holy month, which often requires companies to expand their workforce to meet growth


Waheed Abbas

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Published: Tue 28 Mar 2023, 9:49 AM

Last updated: Tue 28 Mar 2023, 10:58 PM

As the regular routines and priorities of UAE residents change during the holy month of Ramadan, business activity picks up substantially in certain sectors, which often requires companies to expand their workforce to meet growth.

Overall hiring, though, slows down during Ramadan due to operational challenges such as shorter work hours, however, UAE companies operating in certain sectors such as food and beverages (F&B), hospitality, logistics, travel, retail, e-commerce and charity organisations hire in the holy month.

Meanwhile, certain jobs and roles such as customer service representatives, cashiers, marketing and advertising professionals, delivery drivers, cooks and kitchen staff, sales associates and event planners are in high demand in the UAE during Ramadan, according to industry executives in the recruitment industry.

“The hiring trends during Ramadan depend on business requirements. Some organisations recruit seasonal staff this month, while the rest experience slowdowns. Industries like restaurants and catering companies may require more staff to manage Iftar and suhoor services.

Additionally, retail and e-commerce companies may need to hire more employees to handle the increase in demand for consumer goods during the month,” said Sanjeev Giri, head of operations, Adecco Middle East.

The tourism industry, he said, might also increase staff hiring due to a surge in travel during Ramadan as many residents travel to their home countries during this period.

Hatim Maskawala, managing director, Métier – an HR consulting firm, said during Ramadan, businesses see a high surge in demand for their goods and services, which is why many sectors tend to expand their teams and increase hiring during this period.

“Retailers see an increase in consumer spending as people tend to shop more for food, clothing, and gifts, especially in preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr. Therefore, hiring employees, especially sales assistants and cashiers, to cater to this increased demand, becomes a priority,” he said, adding that hotels, restaurants, and cafes also observe a surge in business during Ramadan.

“The hospitality sector is consistently on the lookout for temporary staff to handle the increased demand. Usually, chefs, servers and housekeeping staff are taken onboard during this time.”

To manage the increased workload during Ramadan due to the heavy demand for goods and services online, he said, logistics companies often hire additional staff such as drivers, delivery workers and warehouse workers to manage the demand accordingly.

Charity organisations also hire more staff and volunteers during this time to help manage the donations and distribute them to those in need.

Be accommodative

The UAE companies hiring in the holy month of Ramadan should be considerate and accommodating of job-seekers who come in for interviews while fasting, said Hatim Maskawala.

“Hiring in Ramadan is challenging due to the shorter work hours and the fact that many of the workers are fasting. Therefore, it's crucial for companies to be flexible and accommodating to their employees during this month.

Performance in interviews and assessments is also impacted at times as candidates may be fatigued and less focused than usual. It’s important to acknowledge this fact and to allow candidates to perform at their best", he said.

Maskawala advised that the time of the interview should be appropriate and should ideally be scheduled earlier in the day or after sunset, allowing candidates to break their fast at the appropriate time.


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