UAE jobs: 5 ways to prevent trends like 'the great resignation', 'quiet quitting'

Why the right position is more than just salaries and offices

By Sahim Salim and Waheed Abbas

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Published: Wed 24 Aug 2022, 1:06 PM

Last updated: Wed 24 Aug 2022, 3:22 PM

With workplace trends like 'the great resignation' and 'quiet quitting' going viral, experts have said that the right job is about more than just salaries.

"A strong work-life balance is more important," Tibet Eğrioğlu, VP, Adecco Group, a global HR solutions firm, told Khaleej Times. "In fact, roughly a quarter of people leaving their jobs are going to a job that pays less because it offers something they value more, such as a better company culture."

Over the last couple of years, people are becoming so dissatisfied with work that they are either resigning or quiet quitting, the expert said.

Certified life coach and mentor, and leadership and work culture activist, Niousha Ehsan, said people are quiet quitting to avoid burnout.

"When employees do not feel fulfilled, they want to do the bare minimum to get the job done ... They are not willing to go above and beyond, and work becomes a checklist to get the job done, rather than giving their best to excel at what they do," said Ehsan, who is the chief energy officer of Dubai-based LINKVIVA.

How to retain talent

1. Workplace boundaries: No work after work hours

Eğrioğlu said one way to reduce the quiet quitting situation could be if managers could enforce work boundaries and rules for no emails or work calls after work hours whatsoever.

2. Celebrate employees

According to Ehsan, employers and leaders should create an environment where people do what they do "because they want to, not because they have to."

"Employers can retain talent by celebrating their employees, providing a positive work environment — where employees are happy to come into work and feel confident speaking their mind — and giving employees plenty of opportunities to grow and step up with support."

3. Questions to ponder over

She said work-related problems that employees may face usually be focused around the organisation's culture and workers' personal situation.

Employers should ask themselves these questions:

Are employees hired for the right job/role?

Have they had growth opportunities with a transparent trajectory?

4. New employee experiences

According to Eğrioğlu, companies must create new employee experiences.

"Discuss with employees what can be done to make them feel appreciated and help them upskill and learn new responsibilities that make them grow in their career. Building a trustworthy and honest relation with employees is the first step towards great retention, where employees are free to discuss their levels of stress, their workload and even their level of comfort working with teams and colleagues."

5. Boost employees' wellbeing

He stressed that well-being should be a part of the organisational culture. "Employers also need to consider their working methods, schedules, and physical space to create inclusive environments."


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