UAE: Indian space enthusiasts filled with pride to see tricolour being unfurled in space

Students take to Twitter to share video of flag being unfurled 30km near space

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Nandini Sircar

Published: Tue 16 Aug 2022, 3:56 PM

Indian students in the UAE were thrilled to see the tricolour being unfurled 30km near space on the occasion of 75 years of the country’s Independence.

Especially, student community here, were excited to see how the spirit of the Indian Independence, was celebrated far and wide in space too.

According to the Space Kids India website which is an aerospace organisation, “with a special Nano-Satellite Launch Vehicle (NSLV)-Balloon launch, the tricolour was unfurled 30 km near space”.

Space Kids India took to Twitter, sharing the video that is a tribute to the country’s freedom fighters with jubilant reactions pouring in from abroad.

Reacting to the video, many UAE-based space lovers told Khaleej Times, how they were filled with pride to see the tricolour flying beyond the Earth’s horizon.

Sathiyagayathiri Subramanian, student at Amity University, Dubai opines, “In celebration of India's 75th anniversary of freedom, the tricolour is being embraced worldwide. As the nation reflects on its 75-year journey toward independence, excitement has spread not just to other countries but even to outer space. As an Aerospace Engineer, I'm proud of the progress and accomplishments being made in this industry by my home country and hope to expand my professional contributions to both India and the UAE.”

Twelve-year-old Dubai resident, Mir Faraz, avers, “To see the Indian Flag unfurling above Earth to celebrate the 75 glorious years of independence was indeed a sight to behold and the most befitting celebration of the momentous occasion. It is a tribute to all the heroes of the past who struggled and devoted their lives to bring freedom to India. It's also a tribute to billions of Indians around the globe who are working with dedication every day and making the nation proud. Furthermore, space symbolizes limitless aspirations and lofty future goals. This moment was a harbinger for the many achievements yet to come for India and its people. As Indians and space enthusiasts, it was a vision that gave us goosebumps.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) shared a video earlier of greetings from the International Space Station to mark India @ 75.

Zaydan Nusrat, Grade 2, The Millennium School, Dubai says, “This was really out of the world. I have seen the International Space Station (ISS) many times through naked eye and in videos, but to unfurl the Indian national flag in space, shows India's soft power in the space and astronomy area.

As a residence of the UAE, and born and brought up here, I would love to see the UAE flag in space on December 2. I know the UAE is going to be big in space very soon.”

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