UAE: Hospitals see increase in patients after heavy rains

Medical experts advise people not to expose themselves to extreme temperatures

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SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Fri 27 Jan 2023, 5:56 PM

Health experts have reiterated that with rains come illnesses, and the number of people visiting medical clinics has significantly increased in the last few days.

Doctors say that the spike in flu cases during winter is inevitable and the numbers had gone up compared to the previous years.

“One of the main reasons is the relaxation in Covid-19 restrictions. In the past two years, people were wearing masks and taking all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid infections,” said Dr Wael Omar Abou Sherif, specialist internal medicine, at Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranches.

“However, with heavy rains battering across the country and a significant dip in the temperature, the number of people contracting fever and infections is on the rise. Both children and adults are being affected,” said Dr Sherif.

With rain-related illnesses, medicos have recorded that children and babies are more prone to infection. “In our clinics, we are seeing more children and babies seeking medical care for fever, sore throat, and cold and some even complain of cough as well,” said Dr Sherif.

“While some are cases of flu, others suffer from viral fever. It is the same case with adults. The number of people getting infected has gone up in the last two weeks,” added Dr Sherif.

Healthcare specialists say that there are thousands of viruses in and around us. Nearly 60-80 per cent of kids visiting clinics are affected by viral infections with the remaining affected by bacterial infections.

However, people get better in a week and those having coughs might take a little longer to get a respite, said Dr Sherif. Doctors said the treatment depends on the patient’s condition. “If the situation is critical, the patient should visit the hospital,” said Dr Khalid Mamdooh Alkubaisy, a specialist in internal medicine at Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

“People should take care and not expose themselves to extreme temperatures to avoid infection during this season. One should stay indoors or wear some rain gear when going out in the rain,” added Dr Alkubaisy.

In the case of children, parents should be cautious and check their children’s health and not send them to school if they are sick, say doctors.

“Avoiding school will help in spreading the infection to other children. Parents should also ask and teach children to keep their hands clean and not touch surfaces,” said Dr Sherif.

“Personal hygiene plays a crucial role in protecting oneself against flu and other viral infections. Avoiding contact with an already infected person, washing hands frequently, and not touching one’s face and eyes are some steps by which we can prevent the spread of the infection,” added Dr Sherif

Medicos have urged sick individuals to stay at home and avoid contact with others. Vaccination is another crucial element that is safe and efficient means to protect oneself against illness.


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