UAE holidays: Travelling soon? How to protect your house, vehicles from burglary, fire

Residents should also avoid posting travel details and vacation photos on social media


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Published: Sun 23 Jun 2024, 2:20 PM

Last updated: Sun 23 Jun 2024, 9:32 PM

Many schools in the UAE will close for the summer holidays between early July and late August, giving families around eight weeks of long break. Expats take advantage of this 2-month break and fly out for vacations or visit families back home.

If you plan to lock the house and enjoy a blissful summer holiday, take preventive measures to secure your homes and properties. The Abu Dhabi Police has urged citizens and expats to take security measures to minimise theft and fire risks while the occupants are away.

Here are the key points for residents to follow:

Secure your home: Before leaving the house, make sure all doors, windows, and entry points to it are securely locked. This is the first line of defence against potential intruders. Back entrances are often neglected, make sure you jam and lock them.

Install surveillance cameras: Equip your home with surveillance cameras to monitor any suspicious activity. Cameras can act as a deterrent to burglars and help in identifying any unusual movements around your property.

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Use smart technologies: Invest in smart home technologies and alarm systems. These can provide real-time alerts and allow you to monitor your home remotely.

Protect valuables: Store valuable items such as money, jewellery, and important documents in safe places. Storing your valuables in bank lockers or well-secured safes can significantly reduce the risk of theft.

Maintenance: Periodically check the efficiency and effectiveness of your home's electrical and gas systems. Regular maintenance can prevent fire hazards and ensure your home is safe from electrical faults and gas leaks.

Neighbours can help: Let your neighbours know about your travel plans. A vigilant community can help in keeping an eye on your property and alert you or the authorities if anything suspicious occurs.

Secure your vehicles: Residents are reminded to park their vehicles in designated areas and ensure they are locked before leaving. Taking these preventive measures is vital to protecting vehicles from theft and potential fire hazards due to neglecting public safety measures.

Social media 'exile'

UAE authorities often warn travellers against posting travel details and photos on social media. Sharing their plans and photos on social media risks their homes being targeted by thieves while they are away.

Dubai Police often issue advisories to travellers, asking them not to post pictures of their boarding pass on social media, through which personal information can be accessed.

According to a Cybercrime Combating official, the boarding passes contain bar codes and other information. Gangs may use these personal details to commit identity theft and crimes.

You could also seek help from the Dubai Police for home security. It is a free preventative security service to protect the homes while residents are on vacation, inside or outside the country or while travelling for other reasons. This service allows villa residents to use patrols available in neighbourhoods to monitor their homes.


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